How should the man derailment when you are pregnant?

It is said that marriage is the grave of love. In fact, otherwise, I personally feel that as long as the two sides can withstand the temptation of all kinds of dehydrated, then marriage can definitely last long.In fact, love will inevitably go out of the track for a long time. Perhaps both parties have the responsibility, or the personal responsibilities of one of them.There are various reasons, but one is a behavior that makes most people feel angry, that is, the derailment of the man during the woman’s pregnancy.This is a deep harm for the woman, so today I will tell you what to do if this situation is encountered.

How should the man derailment when you are pregnant?

Generally, this situation is two ways to deal with. The first is of course to choose for forgiveness. This editor will not say much. Let me tell you the second type and divorce.

According to the relevant provisions of my country’s "Marriage Law": "The woman shall not propose a divorce during pregnancy or one year after childbirth. The woman’s divorce, or the people’s court believes that it is necessary to accept the divorce request of the man." It is a special protection for protecting women and children, and a special protection for women in pregnancy or childbirth.

If the relationship between the two sides is discordant and the wife agrees to divorce with her husband during pregnancy, and has reached an agreement on the related issues of the child after the divorce, this provision may not be applicable.From the above instructions, we can see that even if the husband and wife feel disagreeable, the wife is pregnant, and the wife does not agree to divorce, the husband has no right to propose a divorce.

The relationship between the husband and wife is broken, the marriage came to the end. In the case of the child’s birth or no children, as long as the two parties can reach an agreement, the divorce can be associated. If the divorce conditions cannot be reached, they can be litigated to the court for divorce.

The society is too deep now, and the heart is sinister.You must protect yourself when you go out.I can only tell you how to tell you about this kind of thing. The ultimate choice lies in the personal hands.

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