How to avoid accidental pregnancy, which method of contraception is the best?Remember these three kinds of unreliable

Recently, Zhang Bichen’s accidental pregnancy caused a lot of sensation.In fact, there are always people consulting: What should I do if I get pregnant by accident? I have taken contraceptive measures. Why is it still pregnant?In fact, contraception is like driving a seat belt. It is not very dangerous, and it does not mean absolute safety.There are many ways to contraception, so which kind of contraceptive method is the most reliable. Today we will talk about contraception.

There are many ways to contraception, and everyone will like them now.Including in vitro, safe contraception, contraceptives, contraceptives, breeding rings, etc., let’s analyze the advantages and disadvantages of these methods:

1. These 3 methods are not recommended

1. Safety contraception

We all know that women have been safe in a few days during menstrual cycle, so everyone calls a safe period. In this period, there is no other protective sexual life, which is called a safe period of contraception.

In fact, women’s ovulation is affected by many factors, including mood, diet, living habits, etc., so it is easy to fluctuate.Safety contraception requires unsatisfactory menstrual period, and in reality, menstruation is prone to advance or exit.So the safety period is not absolutely safe.

2. In vitro

The in vitro refers to the in vitro before a critical moment.This requirement is also relatively high, and men need very high self -control, and it is easy to make mistakes.In fact, this method is not recommended, because Xiao Yan will not be released at the moment of ejaculation, but may also be partially flowing in the process, so it is easy to get pregnant unexpectedly.

3. Spermic agent

The so -called spermist agent is actually a chemical substance that can kill the small tadpoles or prevent the swimming of the small tadpoles.This drug is generally short. It needs to be put in 5-10 minutes in advance. The effect lasts about 30 minutes. In addition, the room cannot be cleaned within 6 hours after the house.

The possibility of side effects in this contraceptive method is relatively large.Allergies, itching, urinary tract infection and other conditions are often used.If the operation is improper, or because of the position, putting in time, etc., it is easy to cause contraceptive failure.

There is also a common disadvantage of these three contraceptive methods: it cannot prevent sexually transmitting diseases.

2. These 4 ways are more reliable

1. Aphrodisiac

The condom is the oldest method of contraceptives. In ancient times, there were contraceptive records of fish tadpoles, sheep intestines, pork bladder, etc. This is the prototype of condoms.Capital contraception is also the most commonly used contraceptive method now. It is simple and small with side effects.In addition, the use of condom contraceptives can also prevent the spread of some sex diseases, such as AIDS, gonorrhea, syphilis, etc.In addition, women’s cervical cancer is mainly related to HPV infection. Studies have found that the use of condom contraceptives can reduce the incidence of cervical cancer relative to other contraceptive methods.But what needs to be emphasized: the method of use must be correct.

2. Oral contraceptive pill

The principle of oral short -acting contraceptives is to regulate women’s endocrine through female progesterone to inhibit ovulation.Some people may be scared when they see "hormone". In fact, short -acting contraceptives are currently relatively safe contraceptive methods, and the contraceptive rate is high.In addition, it can also bring some additional effects, such as regulating the menstrual cycle, improving irregular menstruation, and even improving skin acne.

But it has a disadvantage that it takes 21 days and stop for 7 days.Only regular medication can achieve good contraceptive effects.If the omissions will greatly discount the contraceptive effect, or even fail.

In addition, there are oral emergency contraceptives, which are used within 72 hours after the incident, the sooner the better.This contraceptive drug is high due to the high estrogen hormone content and large side effects. It is okay to take it by accident and do not use it frequently.

3. Female Nursery Ring

Women’s breeding ring is a small device and placed in the women’s uterus. It can continuously release trace elegance, so that the cervix mucus is thickened, preventing the sperm swimming, and achieved the effect of contraception.This method of contraception is high, and the contraceptive rate can reach more than 99%. Generally, after being placed, it is valid for 3-5 years. If you want to have birth during the period, you can remove it at any time.

However, it also has disadvantages. Generally, within half a year of time, a series of adverse reactions may occur, such as YD irregular bleeding, headache, breast pain, etc.

4, ligation

This is a form of permanent contraceptive.The principle is that men cut off the tuber, and women cut off the fallopian tubes.The advantage of this surgery is that one for all, and the contraceptive rate is high.

The disadvantage is that the surgery is needed. If you want to ask for a child, there is the probability of failure to fail, and it is difficult to restore fertility.So when you do this, you need to think about it, and you will not have children in the future.This surgery recommends that men do, because harm is much smaller than women.

Written at the end: contraception is because of privacy, many people are unwilling to say.I hope everyone can understand the relevant knowledge, hello him/her.

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