How to break the hypertension during pregnancy?The doctor teaches you to do this

Whether expectant mothers noticed that the doctor measured blood pressure at each time of delivery?Once the systolic blood pressure ≥140mmHg and (or) diastolic blood pressure ≥90mm, the doctor will repeat the test, check the routine of the urine, and even check some projects.

If the blood pressure is abnormal, it will cause doctors to pay attention. If necessary, the pregnant mothers need to be hospitalized and inform them of "hypertension during pregnancy"!So what are the performances of this disease and how should pregnant mothers deal with it?

What is hypertension during pregnancy?

Hypertension during pregnancy is a special disease during pregnancy, with an incidence from 9.4%to 10.4%.Pregnancy hypertension can be divided into five categories, including: hypertension during pregnancy, pre -eclampsion, eclampsia, chronic hypertension concurrent eclampsion, pregnancy with chronic hypertension, hypertension during pregnancy is a hypertension after 20 weeks of pregnancy.Diseases, when the urine protein is positive or other systems are abnormal, it is called the early stage of eclampsia, and eclampsia is called eclampsia when the convulsions that cannot be explained in other reasons.The pregnancy combined with chronic hypertension, as the name implies, is existing before pregnancy, or a hypertension disease before 20 weeks of pregnancy. As the pregnancy weeks increase, when urine protein or other systems abnormalEdison in the epilepsy.

What are the common early performances?

1. Educational blood pressure

It is one of the most common performances. Therefore, each check -up is a required project for blood pressure.If the blood pressure is not controlled, it can cause patients with dizziness and headache, unclear vision, even convulsions (eclamps), and cerebral hemorrhage.

2. Pregnant woman edema

Many pregnant women have mild edema of the lower limbs in the late pregnancy, mainly due to the increased uterine compressor pelvic vein, which causes poor blood flow to the lower limbs, and mild edema of the lower limbs; if the hypertension during pregnancy, the edema will be more serious, or even evenSwell to the thighs and belly.

Urine routine protein positive.If the blood pressure is abnormal, but the urine is negative, the result is okay, and the condition is still in the stage of hypertension or chronic hypertension during pregnancy.However, if the routine urine results show that the protein is positive and indicates that the condition has progressed to the early stage of eclampsia, the doctor will immediately explain the condition to the expectant mothers and arrange for hospitalization.

Which expectant mothers are prone to hypertension during pregnancy?

Mainly include: primary maternal; double bibliography; obesity (BMI> 30); pregnant women are too old (> 40 years old) or too small; combined with chronic hypertension; diabetes; those with thrombosis formed;Symptoms; rheumatism and immune disease; or pre-eclampsida-history of eclampsia.Specific mothers with the above high -risk factors should learn self -monitoring.The key point of monitoring is blood pressure. Generally, after 20 weeks, it is found that the systolic blood pressure occurs for more than 4 hours and continuously measures the systolic blood pressure ≥140mmHg, or/and the diastolic pressure ≥90 mmHg, which is called hypertension during pregnancy.

What are the harms of pregnancy hypertension?

Harm of mother -in -law

It will cause the microvascular spasm and microcirculation disorders of the pregnant woman’s body. Therefore, the function of all the organs of the mother’s body will be damaged. As the disease progresses, it will induce acute left heart failure, pulmonary edema, acute renal failure, liver failure, cerebral blood vessels, cerebral blood vesselsUnexpected (cerebral hemorrhage), HELLP syndrome, coagulation dysfunction, postpartum bleeding, retinal stripping, blindness and other serious complications, endangering the life of expectant mothers at any time.

Harm of baby

The micro -circulation disorders of expectant mothers can lead to uterine vascular spasm, cause insufficient blood supply to the placenta, and decreased placental function, which leads to internal distress, slow development, and even fetal death in the baby.If the placenta is peeled early, a severe internal distress, premature birth, or even fetal dying may occur in the fetus.The heavier the hypertension of expectant mothers, the greater the adverse impact on the baby.

Pregnancy hypertension is a disease -specific disease during pregnancy. It can cause early or late during pregnancy; the earlier, the faster the general progress and the more serious the consequences.As long as you do not end your pregnancy, your condition will only get heavier.The higher the blood pressure, the more prone to eclampsia and severe complications. However, the blood pressure is sufficient to pay enough attention, sometimes it can deteriorate rapidly, and even eclampsia convulsion occurs suddenly.

What should I do if I find hypertension during pregnancy?

1. Perform regular examinations in early pregnancy, mainly to measure blood pressure, urine protein and body weight.The incidence of pregnancy hypertrophy is higher, which should attract sufficient attention.Excessive thermal intake of thermal energy in the second trimester, and growing too fast per week is a risk factor for pregnancy hypertension. Therefore, the intake of the intake of pregnant women should be increased by 0.5kg per week.

2. Pay attention to rest and nutrition.The mood should be comfortable, the spirit should be relaxed, strive to stay in bed for more than 10 hours a day, and take the side position as a side to improve blood circulation and improve kidney blood supply.Do not diet too salty to ensure the intake of protein and vitamins.The three highs and one low diet should be entered, that is, high protein, high calcium, high potassium, and low sodium diet. The daily protein intake is 100 grams, and the salt control amount should be less than 5 grams per day.Help prevent pregnancy hypertension.Therefore, pregnant women should eat more fish, meat, eggs, milk and fresh vegetables, supplement iron and calcium, and eat less salty food.

3. Correct the abnormal situation in time.If anemia is found, it is necessary to replenish iron in time; if the lower limbs are found, the bed time should be increased, and the feet are raised to rest; the medicine should be taken on time when the blood pressure is high.

4. Pay attention to previous history.Pregnant women who have suffered from diseases such as nephritis, hypertension, and the last pregnancy hypertension syndrome should be subject to key monitoring under the guidance of a doctor.

5. For those with mild, they can rest at home and check for regular production.Those with severe are hospitalized and observe, follow the doctor’s opinions, and end pregnancy if necessary.

Reminder: If you have increased blood pressure and severe body edema during pregnancy, you must go to the hospital for examination. If there is a problem, you must solve it under the guidance of a doctor to avoid the occurrence of serious consequences.

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Source: Beijing Mary Women’s and Infant Hospital

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