How to calculate the pregnancy time?What do you need to pay attention to during pregnancy?

Do you know the most accurate algorithm for pregnancy?

Talking about this question, many mothers may say, it is very simple. From the day of the combination of sperm and eggs?are you sure?I believe that many pregnant mothers will be curious about how to calculate the accurate pregnancy time.

Want to know how long I have been pregnant?When did the baby in the belly come?How to calculate the most accurate time?Today, Kang Mommy has compiled two ways to calculate the pregnancy time for everyone. Let’s take a look.

1. Starting from the last menstruation

The calculation of the more correct number of days of pregnancy is to start from the first day of the last menstrual period, rather than the days of the same room.Many people start calculating the number of pregnancy days from the day of the combination of sperm and eggs. In fact, this algorithm is wrong.For example, the first day of the last menstrual period is the menstruation from March 1st, so until the test of pregnancy on April 10, then the number of days of pregnancy is forty days.

From a physiological perspective, it means that from the first day of the last menstrual period to the current time, this is the number of days of pregnancy.It is better to think about it carefully. The reason for this is because the last menstrual period may be conceived, and some people even have babies before the last menstrual period.Of course, most people really started conceiving about half a month after the last menstruation.

2. Starting from the time of conception

Another method is to calculate from embryonic learning, that is, the number of days obtained by the calculation method mentioned earlier is reduced by 15 days.This is the real conception time.Because this time is the real ovulation period, but this algorithm is limited to women with regular menstruation.If the menstrual cycle is irregular, it is best to use the first method.

And after pregnancy, pregnant women must be checked on time. As the fetus changes in the stomach, it is usually enough to check once in the first three months. It can be checked once a month in the next few months.You can check the physical condition of a pregnant woman at the hospital, as well as changes in the fetus. If there is any wrong place, you can correct it in time.These are prepared for production, so parents must not be sloppy.

If pregnant women still do not know how to calculate the most accurate pregnancy time, the easiest can be directly consulting the doctor.Many expectant mothers find that they want to do B -ultrasound after pregnancy, but in fact, B -ultrasound still need to do less, especially the first three months. This period is when the fetal development is critical. The B -ultrasound will affect the fetusPay special attention to expectant mothers.

2. What do you need to pay attention to after pregnancy?

From the beginning of pregnancy, the hormonal secretion in the pregnant mother has changed, and the number of breasts and the degree of development gradually increased, making the chest swelling.After about five months, the bras of the bra added about one or more sizes, and the abdomen has been significantly bulge at the same time.After about seven months of pregnancy, the bra increased by about two sizes compared to not pregnant. At the same time, the distance of the nipples continued to increase, and the increase in chest increases before production would slow down.

At this time, pregnant mothers can clearly feel the weight burden brought by the "breast", and at the same time feel that the underwear has become smaller and smaller, that is, we need to wear special bras for pregnant women, and change two to three underwear sizes according to the period of pregnancy.

If the pregnant mother does not wear a bra for a long time during pregnancy, the breast will sag because there is no support.Once the breast sags, the fiber tissue in the female breast is severely damaged, and it is very difficult to restore the beautiful breasts.

Pregnant women’s special bras are generally made of no steel rings and cotton materials, which can promote blood circulation of breasts and protect the nipples from being abrasion and pain. Nengkang muma pays attention to beauty and practicality.The chest, and the special width, shoulder strap, and high glue bone design have very comfortable and powerful support, effectively prevent breast sagging and relaxation, and correct the three -dimensional shaping of the fat.

Not only that, Nengkang Mommy uses 100%cotton library with soft skin, which can protect the nipples and prevent nipples from injury; elastic combed cotton fabric is breathable and moisture, easily solve the embarrassment of Mother Bao’s overflowing clothes;Diversified cups such as water drops, setting mold cups, light and light full cups, etc. to meet the diversified needs of women; a variety of adjustable deductions, full of humanized solution, bring professional breastfeeding underwear to the majority of women.Quality experience.

At the same time, Nengkang Mommy also left 30%of the contraction space to protect the subsequent development of the breast and secrete breast milk with sufficient breast milk for breastfeeding babies.

In order to make it easier for mothers to breastfeed their babies, Neng Mommy also has a convenient breastfeeding buckle: open the up and down double -open buckle up and down, even in the winter wrapped in layers of coats, the pregnant mother can be afraid of breastfeeding, easilyFeeding, avoiding cold invasion.

Moreover, the anti -light design developed by Nikang Mommy specially developed for Bao Ma’s breastfeeding can make Baoma more afraid of breastfeeding and breastfeeding even in public even in public.This is not only more convenient, but also effectively relieves the negative impacts caused by the restrictions of the venue, accompanied by the mother’s comfort and peace of mind!

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