How to choose the right exercise and strength during pregnancy?

As a pregnant woman, I have always paid attention to health, so before pregnancy, I often perform various sports, such as running, swimming, yoga, dance, etc.I think exercise not only keeps me figure, but also makes me feel happy, enhances immunity, and prevent various diseases.

But since I was pregnant, I dared not exercise casually.I worry that the Games will cause harm to the fetus, or cause complications such as abortion, premature birth.I don’t know what kind of exercise and strength is suitable for my physical condition at this stage.I heard that some pregnant women can continue to exercise and even participate in marathon games, while some pregnant women must strictly abide by the rules of bed rest.This makes me confused, what should I do?

In order to solve my doubts, I decided to see my obstetrician and consult her about exercise during pregnancy.She told me that exercise during pregnancy is beneficial, but to choose the right exercise and strength according to personal conditions.She gave me the following suggestions:

1. Before starting any exercise, consult a doctor and conduct necessary examinations to ensure that there are no taboos or risks.For example, some pregnant women may suffer from hypertension, anemia, and cervical relaxation, which is not suitable for severe exercise.

2. Choose low -impact, low -intensity, low -risk exercise methods, such as walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, yoga, Tai Chi, etc.Avoid high impact, high -intensity, and high -risk exercise methods, such as jumping, dancing, mountain climbing, skiing, diving, etc.

3. Control exercise time and frequency, generally not more than 30 minutes each time, and not more than 5 times a week.Adjust the strength of the exercise according to your physical strength and feelings, and do not overwhelm it or breath.If any discomfort or abnormal symptoms, such as bleeding, abdominal pain, dizziness, nausea, etc., stop exercising immediately and seek medical treatment in time.

4. Prepare and restore work before and after exercise, such as doing some warm -up and relaxation activities, drinking enough water, supplementing nutrition and electrolytes.Wear comfortable clothing and shoes to avoid overheating or too cold.

5. With the progress of pregnancy, the exercise method and strength should be adjusted appropriately to adapt to the changes in the body.For example, in the first pregnancy, some aerobic exercises can be performed to relieve early pregnancy reactions, increase blood circulation, and promote fetal development.During the second pregnancy, some muscle and joints can be performed to enhance the stability of bones and ligaments and prevent back pain and edema.During the third pregnancy, some breathing and relaxation exercises can be performed to reduce stress and anxiety and prepare for childbirth.

In short, exercise during pregnancy is beneficial, but you need to choose the appropriate exercise and strength according to your personal circumstances.Pay attention to safety and comfort during exercise, and follow the doctor’s guidance and suggestions.Through reasonable exercise, I believe I can have a healthy and happy pregnancy.

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