How to deal with asthma seizures during pregnancy

As a woman, pregnancy is a happy thing, but how should expectant mothers who have asthma cope with asthma attacks caused by various reasons during pregnancy or during pregnancy?Will the asthma during pregnancy affect the fetus in the abdomen?Do I need to use medicine?At the same time, what should I pay attention to in life?Let’s answer these concerns about expectant mothers ~

1. Will asthma during pregnancy affect the baby?Bleak

Asthma is one of the most common diseases in the lungs during pregnancy, and up to 8 % of pregnant women suffer from asthma.The onset of asthma has a adverse effect on the fetus and childbirth process.At the same time, a asthma with asthma is more prone to the following or more pregnancy complications compared with the expectant mothers without asthma:

1. Hypertension or sigwood;

2. Premature birth;

3. Low weight.

Only effective treatment and control of asthma during pregnancy can reduce the incidence of the above complications.

How to effectively treat it?


Although people are generally worried that the use of drugs during pregnancy will have an impact on the fetus, the advantage of active treatment of asthma is significantly more than the adverse reactions caused by the drug.First of all, pregnant women should control the asthma before pregnancy, and use the minimum control of drugs to maintain the control of asthma, but they still need to follow up after pregnancy and take medicine under the guidance of the doctor.For women with long -term application to maintain drugs to control asthma, avoid stopping or reducing drugs without permission after pregnancy, so as not to cause asthma acute aggravation.

Drugs recommended by asthma during pregnancy are inhaled hormones and need to standardize medication.Do not feel that the symptoms improve and stop the drug by yourself. The retransmit should be regularly treated. The doctor should adjust the drug.At present, inhaled glucocorticoids are first -line drugs. It is recommended to use Budita (the safer drugs for patients and fetuses during pregnancy).It is recommended to use low dose to avoid long -term use.The short -acting β receptor agonist (such as commonly used schoxyl alcohol) in the bronchial extension is to quickly alleviate the symptoms of asthma.Patients with pregnancy can be used at any stage.White tritenyne receptor antagonists (Mengru Ste) and sodium glycate are also relatively safe drugs.

3. How to reduce the attack of asthma?Bleak

1. Avoid exposure to specific allergens that can cause asthma symptoms, especially pet dandruff (such as fur or feathers), house dust and non -specific stimuli, such as tobacco smoke, strong perfumes, etc.

2. Cover the mattress and pillow with a plastic cover or a special anti -mite cover to reduce the exposure of dust mites.Avoid sleeping on cushion furniture (such as sofa, lounge chairs).

3. Women who are pregnant in the influenza season (winter in most areas) should be vaccinated with influenza vaccines; for the developing fetus, there is no risk of influenza vaccine.Influenza vaccines are usually injected once a year in autumn.

As long as the factors that may induce asthma during pregnancy, and under the guidance of a doctor/pharmacist, the drug treatment is reasonable and standardized. Most female patients with asthma can be pregnant normally and produce healthy babies.


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