How to deal with colds during the pregnancy?2 tricks to teach you to minimize the harm

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Many mothers during pregnancy have such troubles. Can you take medicine when you have a cold during pregnancy?Will the cold during pregnancy have a bad impact on the baby?As the saying goes, "the medicine is three -point poison", because you are worried about the effect of the drug on your baby, the pregnant mothers always don’t know if they should take medicine. Today, help my mother to analyze it. Whether the cold can take medicine during pregnancy.Does a cold during pregnancy affect the baby.

During pregnancy, during pregnancy, because of weak resistance and fatigue, the body is easy to feel tired, so the number of colds is more than usual, and it is easier to catch a cold than usual.Because I was worried about the baby in the belly, although it was only a cold, it also made the pregnant mothers feel like the enemy.

Early pregnancy has the greatest impact on the fetus

Generally speaking, the first three months of pregnancy are prohibited from all drugs.Because the first three months of pregnancy are the critical period of embryonic formation.If it is just a mild cold, such as sneezing, stuffy nose, no fever, and a mild cold symptoms, pregnant mothers do not need to take medicine.

Generally speaking, mild colds will naturally heal within a week, and in this case, it has no effect on the fetus.Of course, if the pregnant mother feels uncomfortable, it can also relieve the cold through non -drug therapy such as massage, acupuncture massage, and drinking hot water.

But if it is influenza, it will be another situation.

The symptoms of colds caused by influenza are generally more serious. Pregnant mothers will have a high fever. At this time, the pregnant mother’s cold will have a great impact on the fetus, and may even cause fetal infection flu virus.

The drugs of influenza virus may cause fetal malformations, such as congenital heart disease, rabbit lips, hydrocephalus, and small head malformations.Therefore, if the pregnant mothers accidentally infected the influenza virus in the early pregnancy, help the mothers suggest that pregnant mothers go to the hospital quickly and treat them according to the doctor’s advice.

But it is important to note that most antiviral drugs are not suitable for pregnant mothers.Therefore, if you have to take antiviral drugs, you must first ask the doctor’s opinion before deciding whether to eat it.

Colds in the second trimester of pregnancy have a small impact on the fetus

By the end of pregnancy and late pregnancy, the various organs of the fetus have basically been formed, which has a small chance of adverse effects.However, if a severe cold occurs in the second and second trimester, a long period of high fever will not stop, which will hinder the development of the fetus in the abdomen.

By the end of pregnancy or the birthday, although the cold of the pregnant mother has a small impact on the fetus, if the tough cough will cause the amniotic fluid prematurely and the fetus prematurely.Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers do a good job of warmth and try not to catch a cold.

The healthy dependence of the baby in the mother’s fetus depends on the pregnant mothers, so help the mothers here to call on all pregnant mothers to do a hard and warm work during pregnancy, so as to have a healthy baby ~

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