How to deal with long eczema and itching during pregnancy

[What are the symptoms of eczema for pregnant women?]

Pregnant women are prone to eczema are mainly related to endocrine changes during pregnancy. Eczema can occur in any part of the body, but it is mostly on the face, head, ear, calf, armpit, elbow fossa, feet, etc.It may be the main reason for the onset.

Generally speaking, after the eczema grows, the skin is a small red pimples or red spots that emit or set at first, and gradually increase, and small blisters, yellow and white scales and scalp skin can be seen.

Under normal circumstances, the skin lesions are symmetrical, and the eczema is obvious. After scratching, it can cause erosion, exudation, and scabs. It can seriously affect the scalp and the entire face and even the whole body.After secondary infection, pustules can be seen, and local lymph nodes are enlarged and fever.

[What to do with eczema for pregnant women?]

1. Try to avoid external stimuli and local stimuli.

Do not grab it with your hands. You only need to gently massage or scrub it with warm water, or use the method of decentralized attention such as appreciation of music to reduce your eczema.

You can try aloe vera juice: smash the aloe leaves and apply the affected area with juice water.Or cook water with peppercorns or vinegar.

2. During the occurrence of eczema, avoid foods such as yellow croaker, sea shrimp, seafood, etc. that are easy to cause allergies.Do not drink alcohol, do not drink strong tea and coffee.Do not eat sour, spicy dishes or other irritating foods.

Some eczema is caused by allergies, such as taking certain drugs or contacting allergic substances, as well as climate change, these allergies are mostly occurring on exposed skin, or rash all over the body or local.As long as it is separated from allergies and uses some anti -allergic drugs, eczema can alleviate disappearance.

3. Pay attention to the medication and choose and use under the guidance of a doctor.

Pregnant women need to take medicine under the guidance of a doctor. Local eczema can be coated with mint, camphor cream, camphor pyrodolite, and camphor. If necessary, you can use hormone ointment with small side effects in the short term, such as Elopaton.

Summon eczema can take sedatives or dehydration agents in a short period of time, such as oral poker sensitivity tablets, 3 times a day, 4 mg each time; Shule stabilizer, 2-3 times a day, 1 mg each time, can be taken at the same time at the same time.B vitamin and vitamin C.In addition, calcium glucose can be injected orally or intravenously.

[What are the daily taboos of pregnant women’s eczema?]

1. Summer weather is sultry, and expectant mothers should not wear impermeable and tight clothes.

Try to be as loose, breathable, and easy to absorb sweat, the material is better, and avoid being in a humid and dull environment.

2. Do not expose the sun too much, do sun protection and moisturizing.

3. Do not do a lot of sweaty exercise.If you sweat, take a bath and keep your body dry.

4. Avoid excessive bathing every day and too high water temperature, because this will add eczema.

[Contraindications for pregnant women’s eczema]

The application of any drug is taken under the guidance of doctors and pharmacists, and the medicines that can be used less are not used; available or not, do not use it.Many itchy ointments are slightly toxic and do not use it casually.When taking drugs, pay attention to the words "use, avoid, and disable" on the packaging.Be careful in everything, and be careful.

Topical iodine compound, non -pole paste, dermatitis, and compound acetate ointment all contain hormones, and a small amount of use has little effect on the fetus. Do not use it for a long time. These medicines are used by pregnant women with caution.Avoid using any drugs during pregnancy, especially in the early pregnancy. If you have to take medicine, you should follow the doctor’s advice and do not blindly take the medicine by yourself.

Some Chinese herbal medicines themselves are toxic, such as spots, raw Nanxing, aconite, Wu head, apine, Chuanjiao, crickets, cinnabar, majestic yellow, etc., which can directly or indirectly affect the fetal development. This is not to use.

[TCM therapy for eczema pregnant women]

1. Jianpi moisturizing drink: Poria 15g, Atractylodes 10g, Zexie 10g, 15g of the front of the car, 10g of Hou Pu, 10g of Gantillery, 10g of Rongshi, Shenglai 30g, Angelica 10g, Chuanxiong 10g, white fresh skin 15g, thorns, thorns, stabbingTortex 15g, 30g of Shouwu Teng, 10g of coriander shell.

2. Wolfberry roots (ground fur bone), use two 10cm long roots, small finger thick roots, use three bowls of water to cook in the jar of traditional Chinese medicine to cook. After the high heat is turned on, use low heat, cook for 30 minutes, cook well, cook well, cook well, cook well, cook well, cook well, cook well, cook well, cook well, cook well, cook well, cook well, cook well, cook well, and cook well.Almost two bowls of water.Drink while the first bowl is hot, and the second bowl is placed in a jar.

3. Avoid bathing and hot springs.

4. Avoid using too much cleaning supplies during bathing. After washing, you can wipe some lotion to moisturize.

5. Prevent food factors from irritating, such as eating less stimulating foods such as pepper, ginger, raw garlic.

6. The intake of seafood should be appropriate because seafood can aggravate skin eczema.

【Recipe for treating eczema】

1. Egg oil: Use 7 eggs, cooked, take egg yolk, place it in a pot, and take oil.

2. Rubbing the royal pulp, although sticky, but the effect is very good.

3. Use raw potatoes to slices in the affected area for two or three days.

4, wipe some small sesame oil, have no side effects, and contain things that inhibit eczema, but the effect is not very fast, only three or four days.

5. Boil pineapple skin.Take a pineapple, peel the peel, rinse the peeling skin with water, then put it in the pot and boil it, and boil it for more than ten or twenty minutes when the water is boiled.Cool it to use it to wash the place where there is eczema.

6, 50 grams of black beans and water are boiled, and then slowly boil into thick juice, and black sticky.After cooling, apply it directly to the affected area, and the remaining collection can be reused after the small bottle.

7. Use Mung Bean 3 to stir -fry Jiao Yan into powder, mix the affected area with vinegar, twice a day, and apply it for a week to cure.Avoid pepper and pepper.

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