How to deal with pregnant women if infected with new coronal virus?Is it going to affect the fetus?How to do personal protection?

If pregnant women are infected with new coronal virus

What are the symptoms

Will the virus be transmitted to the fetus?

What to do if there are abnormal symptoms in pregnant women

How to do personal protection

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If pregnant women are infected with new coronal virus

What kind of symptoms will be

Judging from domestic situation and international reports, the general incidence, symptoms, and diseases are similar to the general population after pregnant women are infected with new coronary viruses.The main symptoms of the above respiratory tract, such as cough, sore throat, sneezing, nasal congestion, runny nose, general soreness, fever, etc.The course of disease is basically 5-7 days.

Will a pregnant woman infected transmit the virus to the fetus?

Studies have shown that pregnant women are infected with new coronal viruses and are almost infectious to fetuses.

If it is after delivery, when the mother is infected with the newborn, she still needs to protect it. The mother can continue breastfeeding on the basis of wearing a N95 mask to do a good job of personal protection.

If pregnant women appear

What should I do if fever, dry cough and other symptoms

Nucleic acid detection or antigen detection to define whether the infection of the new coronary virus.The antigen detection is relatively convenient, and it is also a suitable choice during home.

Symptomatic treatment.Heating can be physical cooling and drinking more water.You can choose traditional Chinese medicines that maternals can use to treat symptomatic symptoms.If you choose an antipyretic western medicine, you can take the acetaminol more than 38.5 ° C.Pay attention to one type of antipyretic drugs. Do not take multiple antipyretics at the same time to avoid causing liver and kidney damage.Generally, symptoms such as fever and sore throat can be relieved after 3 to 4 days, and the body temperature gradually returns to normal.

Health monitoring.Strengthen self -health monitoring, pay attention to the three monitoring of body temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure. You can record it to the medical staff when you are recorded.Pay attention to fetal movement during the third trimester, monitor 1 hour a day, with more than 3 fetal movements per hour.

Balanced diet.Increase foods rich in vitamin C such as vegetables and fruits.

Don’t be anxious.Enough rest and sleep are very important for early recovery.

Just seek medical treatment in time.If the body temperature continues to be higher than 38.5 ° C after treatment after treatment; or feels serious discomfort such as headache, dizziness, panic, asthma, etc. or symptoms such as abdominal pain, vaginal hemorrhage, vaginal fluid, and abnormal fetal movement, please contact the assistance in timeThe production institution will seek medical treatment in a timely manner.

There is a infection or a close connection around a pregnant woman

what to do

If you have a infection at home, you can ensure that the pregnant woman has a relative isolation in space to better ensure their lives and rest.Infected people and pregnant women should be separated, and other daily necessities also need to be separated, especially pay attention to disinfection in the bathroom.Pay attention to ventilation in the space where you live.

If you have infected in the working environment, you can apply for the relative isolation of home work.If work needs to continue to work in the same environment, you need to strictly wear the N95 mask, pay attention to the ventilation of hand hygiene and work environment to ensure sufficient rest and sleep.

How to do a good job of personal protection for pregnant women

wear mask.Maternal mothers must wear a mask at the public venue, and need to wear a N95 mask in the hospital.

Hand -hygiene.To keep your hand hygiene, after returning from public places and touching suspicious exposure, it is recommended to wash your hands with flowing water according to the standard method, use flowing water to wash your hands, or use 75%alcohol -free hand washing solution.

Gathering less.Do not go out, do not dinner, do not go or reduce the place where the traffic is large; try not to take the dense public transportation of personnel as much as possible; try to make a registration and appointment inspection on the Internet, try to reduce the stay in the hospital as much as possible; use the Internet cable to use the Internet cableConsultation with the doctor.

Learn more.Maternal and children’s health care institutions at all levels have corresponding health knowledge courses for pregnancy. The content of pregnant women’s schools is very rich. It is recommended that pregnant women and family members take the initiative to learn about pregnancy.

G.We must have a positive and optimistic attitude to ensure balanced nutrition and adequate sleep.

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