How to do an unwanted pregnancy?Do you want it?

In the face of unexpected pregnancy, no one is willing to deal with it. Although we have done our best, this will happen. People can find that they are pregnant, not necessarily the best.So, how will you choose?Because decision is a challenge for every woman.It is important that women must make a correct decision after accidental pregnancy, of course, including the necessary solutions; now this unexpected baby is still abortion. What is the best suitable for your life now?We often talk about how unexpectedly pregnancy is behind, and the actual situation is that unless you are an accidental pregnancy, there is nothing to say at all. It is best to be the right choice.In the end, it is the best for yourself.

There is no exact answer to ending pregnancy to terminate pregnancy. Without these decisions, it is better than other answers.And there is no answer to adoption, push according to this.The consequences of each woman are very independent and indirect, so spend time separate every in your heart.Everyone should respect the same occurrence, but people who choose differently.Abortion is needed by those women who insist on self -emotion; of course, women may also make the opposite decision.If you think this may be your choice, please contact your friends to contact your doctor and make an appointment in advance.If women need help, contact the community center.

If you want to adopt children in the future, you need to choose some moral institutions, and you have no poor adoption history.You should make your own ability to choose when your baby is born -child breeding plan.Unlike abortion, you did not make a choice until you are ready to make such a choice; you can still make preparations within 3 months.In accident, women should choose their own decision correctly.

The crisis that men are facing -girlfriend is unexpectedly pregnant

Without any preparation, my girlfriend said to you, "I’m pregnant." It is indeed troubled or even troubled, because my girlfriend’s accidental pregnancy is a life that affects men.Women who are pregnant by accident choose to continue pregnancy or end pregnancy, but do not mean that men can stand by or sleeves alone.

Do not say silly things

Men face the accidental pregnancy of his girlfriend. The same important thing is that you do n’t doubt each other first. Even if the man has been rushing to the extreme, do n’t say “Is this mine?” Or “Go to an abortion!”Instead, it should be expressed to show that she would face her pregnancy with her.Some positive words, such as "this is unexpected, but we should seriously discuss our future." It is a more correct approach.More importantly, do not provide any unrealistic commitments.If men do not intend to get married, they promise because of unexpected pregnancy, but in the end they cannot be achieved, they will only guide the consequences of unimaginable imagination.

Undoubtedly, abortion is one of the ways to deal with accidental pregnancy, but men should have enough knowledge to be the best strategy.If pregnant women decide to terminate pregnancy, they can choose legal abortion.However, please keep in mind that the legal surgery must be performed by a registered doctor in the operating room designated by the government. Others are illegal whether it is self -or or for the abortion surgery.Both men and women should obtain consensus as soon as possible.Pay attention to safety first.

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