How to do physical care during pregnancy?

In the early days of changing pregnancy, I was also afraid. I was afraid that skin care products were not good for their children. As a result, I was unwilling and used, but after careful study and research, I found that if the skin is not good during pregnancy, the skin will be almost finished in the future because the skin will be almost finished becauseDuring pregnancy, it is the best time to improve the skin. The new city metabolism is fast, the pores are not cleaned well, and the skin type changes are not carefully maintained.

In the past, we would think that after pregnancy, we needed to face the sky for the baby’s health to avoid all kinds of skin care products.However, it turns out that pregnant women can also be beautiful during pregnancy. They meet their skin care needs on limited conditions. They only need to make the right choice and avoid bad products.

Therefore, during the pregnancy, the choice of skin care and various protection products needs to be more cautious during pregnancy. To do relevant homework can be safer to skin care and washing.

In this regard, what kind of skin care products, shampoo and shower gel are suitable for pregnant women?

Facial care

During pregnancy, our body will secrete that it is called progesterone. This kind of thing will make our skin dry, acne, and spots. If you do n’t care well during pregnancy, you may have a lifetime with you.

Nursing method

Acne: We recommend choosing a mildly weak acid skin care product for pregnant women to clean the skin in time.If the acne is serious, please seek medical treatment in time.

Long spots: First of all, ensure the moisture required for the skin, the skin is done well, and the second is using some whitening products containing chemical ingredients.Pay attention to diet, try to eat more and digest food as much as possible.

The skin’s skin is very sensitive. In order to prevent stimulating the scalp from affecting the fetus, expectant mothers should choose shampoos that are suitable for their hair quality and have a gentle nature. What brand of shampoo is used before pregnancy.Too much changes, it is best to continue to use it. Suddenly switching to the brands that have never been used before using other brands of shampoo, the skin may not adapt to it, causing allergies.

Some expectant mothers may become dry and crispy during pregnancy. That is because the hair lacks protein. If you use it, you can supplement the hair nutrients and conditioner that can supplement protein nutrients. The situation will be improved.

The hair is long, wet hair is more difficult to dry, go out with wet hair, or go to bed to sleep, not only uncomfortable, but also easy to cold, causing a cold.Blow dried with a hair dryer, and is afraid that radiation and bacteria will affect the fetus. Some hot air blowing from hair dryers and stone cotton fibers containing particles can enter the blood through the quasi -mother’s respiratory tract and skin, and enter the fetus through the placenta blood, so as to induce the fetus to induce the fetusdeformity.

In fact, dry hats and dry towels can solve this problem.Wear dry hats with strong water absorption and good breathability, you can get dry hair soon, you can sleep immediately after the shower, and you can also prevent colds.Dry towel.

Some massage during shampooing is very important, and it will give a soothing care for sensitive tortured hair.When bathing in the morning and evening, before using shampoo, make your hair soothing and massage exercises, just simply press and press, you will feel unprecedented soothing and relaxation.

Ten fingers together, the fingertips are gently pressed on the temples, and circled 6 times in the direction of clockwise.

Put your hands on your forehead, and press your fingertips from the center of the eyebrow.Starting from the middle of the forehead to the top of the head.

Both fingers and abdomen, gently pressing the sides from the center of the eyebrow, until the temples.Repeat 10 times.

Cover your ears with both hands, put your fingers behind your head, and your left and right fingers should be moved closer as much as possible, and then gently play the back of the back with four fingers, count 49 times in your heart.

Put your fingers into your hair, close your palms with your palms, and pull your hair gently.Continuous movement until the entire scalp is stretched.

Ten fingers slightly flexed the movement of bare hands.With both hands from the forehead hair, the hair is combed behind the head, and this action is made at least 20 times.

Skin care during pregnancy

1. Pregnant women should eat more foods rich in vitamin C at this time, such as citrus, strawberries, vegetables, etc., and they should also eat more milk and their products rich in vitamin B6.

2. Ensure sufficient sleep and massage the skin appropriately.

3. It is not advisable to make a brand that is not thick, and it is not advisable to change the cosmetics frequently, and those inferior cosmetics should not be selected.

4. In the hot summer, in order to avoid direct the sunlight, those skin care products designed for pregnant women should be selected.

5. In order to reduce the possibility of abdominal stretch marks, pay attention to appropriate exercise before pregnancy to increase the elasticity of abdominal muscles and skin.After pregnancy, pay attention to the speed of controlling weight growth appropriately.

6. Pregnancy should pay attention to ensuring good mood and sufficient sleep, and massage the skin appropriately.

Pregnant women need to maintain the principle of streamlined skin care. They do not need to pursue too much skin care effect, pay attention to product component choices, avoid all whitening freckle function products, and try to choose good reputation brands.There are not many requirements on the cleaning products. Many products on the market can be used. Pay attention to avoid harmful ingredients.

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