How to eat chicken?Talk about the best way to eat chicken and the worst way to eat

Many people like chicken, but unfortunately they eat wrong.The most typical is eating fried chicken. Many people love to eat and love, because they are particularly fragrant, especially the fried chicken in fast food restaurants, which makes people flirtate.Occasionally once, if you eat it for a long time, your body will not be able to eat.

I wrote this article today because too many parents are inquiring about their children’s precocious puberty?Polysis now has a lot to do with eating fried chicken.Why?Because chicken is hot, liver qi is particularly prosperous, children are pure yang, liver qi is particularly prosperous, and the chicken is fried again, that is, oil is poured on the fire.Children who eat such fried chicken for a long time will be more liver, strong liver qi will be active, they can’t sleep, night sweats, and will regulate kidney essence. The kidney essence must be enabled until a certain time.The refinement is precocious, so that the child will be precocious.

Besides, what chicken is used in the fried chicken in fast food restaurants?Understand naturally.So I really advise parents not to take their children to eat fried chicken, and do not use fried chicken to reward children. Your love may hurt your child.

Spring in the spring is not suitable for chicken, because the liver qi is strong in spring, and eating more chicken will aggravate liver fire.

Therefore, the worst way to eat chicken is fried or barbecue.Ducks can be roasted. Chicken is not recommended. We eat any food to balance the body of the body. Long -term eaten foods with large biasedness will inevitably cause the body’s yin and yang imbalances, and yin and yang imbalance will get sick.Fried chicken or grilled chicken is a food that is imbalanced in yin and yang.

What is the best way to eat chicken?Just stew and eat.And add a little mushroom.By the way, the northeast famous chicken stewed mushrooms is very in line with the way of health of Chinese medicine.Chicken is fire. When we cook, we must neutralize the fire of the chicken. It can go to the fire of stew, and it is better to add a little mushroom, because mushrooms are yin, one nourish yang, one nourish yin, one nourish yin, one nourish yin, one nourish yin, one nourish yin,In this way, the yin and yang balance.

After four hours of low heat, the chicken is basically no fire. On this basis, we can appropriately add some medicinal medicines for medicines to make delicious medicated meals.

For example, if the body is qi deficiency, you can add astragalus to simmer.

If blood deficiency can be added to the Angelica stew.

If spleen deficiency, you can add yam lotus to stew.

If the phlegm is damp, you can add Poria Chenpi to stew.

If high blood pressure, you can add Sanqi to simmer.

If dizziness can be stewed with gardenia.

If kidney deficiency and low back pain can be added.

If you don’t have enough energy all day to night, you can add yellow essence.

If the cardiopulmonary is not good, you can add Ganoderma lucidum.

Cancer patients can add fairy crane grass or mulberry yellow.

Well, you really eat fried chicken less in the future. You can be greedy for relief, especially parents should not take their children to eat fried chicken in the fast food restaurant.

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