How to get pregnant quickly?Need skills

Men’s essence is important!

1. Grasp the age advantage

Men’s 30 -year -old sperm quality reached its peak, and at the age of 35, they were relatively high. After 35 years of age, they began to decline slowly. At the age of 40, it fell more significantly.Grasp the golden time.

2. Quit smoking and drinking

Smoke strictly, if you can’t avoid alcohol, at most 1 cup a day.

3. Keep the low temperature of the groin

Sperm is afraid of high temperature.So don’t be too stuffy and tight, don’t take a hot bath, don’t stay in the sauna steam room for too long. Also, don’t put your pants pockets on your mobile phone. Don’t put electronic products such as laptop computers in groin.

4. Choose a good exercise

Men, exercise can increase the number of sperm, it is difficult for men to be too fat.However, in terms of exercise, don’t ride too much bicycle.Choose some exercise methods that do not give too much pressure.

5. Pay attention to taking medicine

Some prescription medicines will reduce the number of sperm, and consult a doctor.

6, zinc+lycopene.

These two elements are effective for the improvement of sperm quality.You can find some health products to make up.

Need skills in the same room!

1. 1-2 months before pregnancy, let my wife stop contraceptive pills or have contraceptive components.My wife was on the ring, and I had to take the ring a few months in advance.

2. Increase the number of homes a week before ovulation.Ascending for 3-5 days, the sperm coming out is better in terms of quantity and quality. Therefore, it should be released before ovulation. Don’t abstinence for too long.

3. Before getting up in the morning to have sex.For a large number of people, sexual life usually occurs before going to bed at night, but if you want to get pregnant quickly, experts suggest that the best time for the same room should be before the morning.Because they worked for a day during the day, they were a little tired at night, but in the morning, they were the best state of spirit.What’s more, the morning is also the best time for women to measure ovulation, and male sex hormones are relatively high.

4. The same room in the afternoon.Studies have found that the chance of one day of conception is the highest at 5 to 7 pm.If you want to get pregnant quickly, you can choose the same room at 5-7 pm.At this time, the quality of the sperm is worthy of the peak, and women are the most likely to conceive at this time.

5. Choose a good time for conception.In the same room, both husband and wife are full of energy and excellent mentality. They are more likely to conceive without their minds.For women who take long -term oral contraceptives, prepare for pregnancy should be two months after discontinuation of contraceptives.

6. Three months before pregnancy, the couple quit smoking and alcohol to maintain a nutritious diet.

7. Within 1 month before pregnancy, it is not suitable for too much sexual life. It is best to have the same room during ovulation during ovulation.

8. Hurry in a beautiful environment.Wind and sunny weather has a good mood to help conceive.In addition, try not to watch horror novels and horror movies during pregnancy, often walking in a beautiful natural environment.

Taboo for fast pregnancy

1. Quit alcohol and smoking, avoid medicine

A large number of studies have shown that smoking, drinking and drugs can cause abortion, premature or newborn.In addition, studies have shown that smoking can also affect fertility and reduce the number of male sperm.Second -hand smoke should not be ignored, sucking second -hand cigarettes will reduce women’s pregnancy opportunities.Therefore, it is recommended that the couple quit alcohol and smoking when they are conceived to avoid drugs.

2. Caffeine is taboos

Data show that if the human body is too much consumed by caffeine, a iron is absorbed by an iron, and it takes a lot of iron during pregnancy, and caffeine will increase the risk of fertility.

3. Control weight

If you want to get pregnant quickly, you need to lose weight or gain weight? This is not the ground.If the wife’s weight is within normal range, the probability of conception will be higher.

4. Taboo junk food

Junk food is very harmful to the development of the fetus, so you should fast when preparing for pregnancy.

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