How to judge whether the dog is pregnant?Just know these points

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Dogs are generally about 58-60 days pregnant, but in the last few weeks, its belly will significantly larger, so it is difficult for dogs to judge when they are pregnant in the early stages of pregnancy.

The best way to judge whether dogs are pregnant are to check in pet hospitals, but we usually pay attention to the dog’s physical changes.

Determine the signs of the dog in the early stages of pregnancy:

The earliest signs of dog pregnancy appeared around a week after mating.At this time, the dogs have slight vomiting, loss of appetite, and other pregnancy reactions, and will last about 1-2 weeks.

We can also pay attention to changes in the dog’s body. After the dog is pregnant, the nipples are pink red, which is an important sign of pregnancy. From 2-3 weeks after pregnancy, the nipples will start to become more pink than usual, swelling, swelling, swellingAnd protruding.

When the dog is pregnant 4-6 weeks, the body shape begins to change. At this time, the dog’s waist will be significantly thicker, and the belly will gradually protrude, which is more swollen than the early pregnancy.

By the last three weeks of the dog’s pregnancy, that is, at the 6th-9 weeks, the dog’s belly will become round and drum.Breasts also become swollen due to the development of breasts, and they are about to usher in the birth of a new life.We may also see that the dog’s abdomen is perfection. This is the baby’s movement in the uterus. If you put your hand on the dog’s belly, we may still feel the fetal movement!

2. Change of behavioral behavior

Dogs often feel tired after pregnancy, do not like sports, often lying down to sleep, and urination will become frequent.

Dogs will also become very sensitive, emotional unstable, and not let others touch, especially the stomach.When you sleep, you don’t choose to lie on your stomach. Generally, it will be changed to lying on the side or sleeping back.

After the dog is pregnant, the appetite will decrease significantly. Sometimes when you smell the food, you will lie down and sleep again. This is also the normal phenomenon of dogs pregnant.

When the dog knows that he is going to give birth, he will start to "do the nest". In terms of behavior, if you want to make a nest, you may drag the blankets or fabrics into a hidden corner, looking for a suitable for childbirth.Local, so pay attention to the behavior of the dog’s nest.

If dogs have these symptoms, parents should be able to accurately determine whether the dog has been successful.If you are not sure, you can take the dog to the pet hospital for a physical examination!

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