How to know what blood type you are

1. Medical examination, in general, in some conventional medical examinations, the blood routine examination will involve this inspection item in a very simple examination, but generally it will not show what your blood type is.You can make a small request for inspection during the examination, and we can know what our blood type is.

2. Pregnancy examination, this is a way to check his own blood type that is particularly female, which is to check during pregnancy. When pregnant women conduct physical examinations, the blood routine is a project that must be physical examination. On the inspection form, weYou can know what your blood type is.

3. You can know what kind of blood type you are through some diseases. For exampleIf you do not have the requirements for blood type examination, you will not check yourself, so you can say that you want to know your blood type, so that you can help you verify the blood type.

4. There is also a very simple way to donate blood. Generally speaking, a blood type test will be performed before the blood donation. What kind of blood type is matched and what kind of blood can be available. At this time, we can know ourselves well to know ourselves well.What kind of blood type.

Blood type genetic law table

Blood type is a classification based on the difference between the surface of the red blood cells as the ethnic antigen.Due to the difference in condensation of human red blood cells, the blood is divided into several types, so it is called blood type.Each human blood system is determined by genetic factor and has immunology characteristics.The most common blood type system is ABO blood type, which is divided into A, B, AB, O four types; followed by RH blood type system, mainly divided into RH positive and Rh negative; again the MN and MNSS blood type system, but there is such a blood typeThere are very few people.

Common ABO blood types are determined by the combination of three genetic factors such as A, B, and O. Most of them can determine the baby’s blood type that may appear according to the blood type of the parents.

Personality characteristics of various blood types:

The personality characteristics of type A blood, the person in the type A is very emotional, which is why they attach importance to the family, but they are often troubled by emotions.Type A people on the surface suppress their emotional development, but their hearts are very innocent.The emotional fluctuations are very large, and the trauma recovery is very slow, but when it is hit, sometimes it becomes calm, and the sudden cold and heat of the emotion is also one of its characteristics.

The personality characteristics of type B blood, the person of the type B, has a better adaptability to the social environment, but the ability to resist society is strong.Regardless of how the social environment changes and how complicated, he can cut off himself in time and continue to survive without being influenced by society.

Feeling keen, the instinct of the type B man’s instinct is keen, and it can be fully played when it is necessary to make a temporary and rapid judgment.For example, during the earthquake, fire, and huge accidents, natural disasters and human disasters, people in type B can be perceived by the sensitivity of their instincts, so that they can protect their lives in unconsciousness.He was also able to escape cleverly from the chaos and protect himself with very quickly.

The personality characteristics of type O blood are full of energy.Once the type O people are facing things, they are often instinctual. They will play the motivation saved in the body. When doing things, the people in the type O will go all out, the more difficult it is.Challenging, it is even more powerful to do it, not to flow in the emotion.

Minglang, the person of the type O is recognized as a person with a strong will, because he does not care about the criticism and blame of others, and will not be frustrated because of this. Once he thinks he is right, he will fulfill his beliefs.And achieve the purpose.The O -type people are stubborn, willing to work hard, and have a strong desire to dominate.Bright reflection of strong self -affirmation is the psychological characteristics of O -type.

The characteristics of AB blood type can be said to be the highest IQ.Their thinking is very sensitive, and the perception of external things is very fast, so they will always become the top who is at the forefront.Whether in work or studying, such people can quickly grasp the methods and adapt to the surrounding environment to become the "wise" of that circle.

People of different blood types are caused by the innate inheritance of their personality, and then they have changed with different conditions, environment, and places.

The above is the different characteristics of four people with blood types.After reading it, what blood type do you feel more like?

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