How to live a husband and wife life in the third trimester?Doctor reminds: Try to avoid strenuous exercise and tossing

[Fans’ letter] Li Wei is 40 years old and married Xiaoya two years ago. Their biggest wish is that he has his own child.After thousands of hardships, their wishes have finally realized, Xiaoya is pregnant, and has now reached the third trimester.

During Xiaoya’s pregnancy, Li Wei has always taken care of her carefully. He was worried that the life of husband and wife would have an impact on Xiaoya and children, so he kept trying to avoid it.However, recently, Xiaoya’s desire has become particularly strong. She always hinted that Li Wei has made Li Wei very entangled.He loves Xiaoya, but at the same time he is afraid of affecting his child.

Just last night, Li Wei failed to control it, and he became hot with Xiaoya.He then began to worry about what his behavior would have a adverse effect on the child.

[Doctor answers] The late pregnancy is a special stage facing pregnant women. Many changes have undergone the body in this period, including changes in hormonal levels, the center of gravity of the body, and the expansion of the belly.At this stage, many pregnant women may have some questions and concerns about the life of husband and wife.What do you need to pay attention to when spending a husband and wife in the third trimester?We will discuss this issue from the perspective of a doctor.

1. Understand physical changes in late pregnancy

The third trimester refers to the time period from the 28th weeks of pregnancy to before childbirth.At this stage, the body of pregnant women will experience a series of changes, which will have a certain impact on the life of the husband and wife.

Change of hormonal levels: In the late pregnancy, hormonal levels in pregnant women will change, which may lead to increased or decrease in desire.Each pregnant woman feels different in this regard. Some pregnant women may feel that their desires are enhanced, while some pregnant women may lose interest in their husbands and wives.

The movement of the physical center of gravity: With the development of the fetus, the body’s center of gravity of the pregnant woman will gradually move forward, which may cause them to feel uncomfortable in the choice of sexual posture.Some postures may increase the discomfort or pressure of pregnant women, so choosing a comfortable posture is essential for the life of couples in the late pregnancy.

Abdomen expansion: As the fetus grows, the abdomen of pregnant women will gradually become larger.This expansion may lead to some common symptoms of discomfort, such as back pain, abdominal pain and flatulence.When living a husband and wife, pay special attention to avoid excessive pressure or severe exercise to the abdomen, so as not to cause discomfort or damage.

Second, the benefits and precautions of husband and wife life

The life of husband and wife is very important for the harmony of the relationship between husband and wife and emotional communication.In the third trimester, the appropriate life of couples can help enhance the intimacy and communication between husband and wife, and enhance the emotional state.However, considering the safety of the fetus and the physical condition of the mother, some precautions need to be kept in mind.

Consult a doctor

Before the husband and wife life in the third trimester, it is best to consult the doctor’s advice.Doctors can provide specific guidance and suggestions based on the personal situation of the mother, including the health status of pregnancy and any potential risks.

Avoid strenuous exercise and toss

Women in the late pregnancy need to avoid severe exercise and toss, which is also suitable for husband and wife life.Excessive violent activities may cause risks to the health of the fetus and mother.Choose a comfortable and slow sexual posture to reduce physical discomfort and pressure.

Support the appropriate potential

Choosing the right posture is very important for husband and wife life in the late pregnancy.The side lying position is a good choice because it can reduce the pressure on the abdomen and provide more support.In addition, you can try to use pillows to support your body to increase comfort.

Gentle and intimate

In the third trimester, gentleness and intimacy are the key.The physical contact, kiss and stroke between husband and wife can enhance emotional communication, not just sex itself.This intimate contact helps to relieve tension and pressure, and create a happy and secure living environment.

Follow the body signal

Women of women in the third trimester need additional attention and care.During the life of the husband and wife, you must always pay attention to the signals and feelings of the body. If you have discomfort or pain, you should stop immediately and communicate with the doctor.

3. Other alternative options

Although the life of couples in the late pregnancy is feasible, in some cases, husband and wife may need to consider other alternative options to meet their close needs.

Share feelings

Husbands and wives can maintain the intimacy between each other through emotional communication.Talking, care and understanding can establish deep emotional connections without sexual behavior.

Intimate activity

Husbands and wives can try some intimate activities, such as watching movies, massage or hot spring baths together.These activities can provide intimate moments and promote emotional connections.

Medical guidance

If the husband and wife live in the late pregnancy, the husband and wife can consult a doctor to seek a proposal to replace the life of the husband and wife.Doctors can provide some security and appropriate choices based on specific circumstances.

The life of couples in the third trimester is a process that needs to be carefully considered and adapted.Understanding physical changes in the late pregnancy and the advice of following doctors is the key to ensuring comfort and safety of couples.Pregnant women and her partner should understand, support and respect each other’s feelings and needs.The most important thing is that maintaining a smooth communication and seeking a doctor’s professional advice in time to ensure that the life of the husband and wife has no negative impact on the health of the mother and baby.

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