How to quit night milk?Can’t stop it?

The baby will be weaning one day, and one day he will sleep all night. This kind of high -demand childcare stage will soon pass.The time of your baby in your bed, the time in your arms, and the time of breastfeeding, are very short in a person’s life, but those memories of love and trust will continue for a lifetime."——Sess.

Feed the child’s night milk, most mothers are in the following states:

Some mothers think that children are normal to eat night milk. If they do not eat night milk, they will insufficient nutrition and delay their children’s growth and development.

Some mothers have been very hard to feed, and they have to get very tired at night at night.

Some mothers wanted to break the night milk in their hearts, but as soon as the baby cried or the family was discouraged, she still had to feed the baby’s night milk.

1) What is night milk?

Every baby sleeps normally.

Children should fall asleep normally, it is best to be between 21 and 23.Waking up in the morning is about 6 am to 7 o’clock in the morning.Within this period of time, if we feed the baby, it is called feeding night milk.

2) The hazards of long -term feeding night milk

If the baby does not have the habit of breaking the night milk at the appropriate age, it will actually bring some harm to the baby.

First, increase the burden on the baby’s liver and kidney.

Because when everyone sleeps and rests, the basic metabolism will slow down, and there is less nutrition and energy.If you feed the night milk for a long time, it will aggravate the baby’s digestive load and the burden on the kidneys.

Secondly, it is easy to cause infant obesity.

If the baby eats better during the day and eat milk at night, it is probably seeking a sense of security for the baby.If the baby is crying, it will easily cause excess nutrition of milk.The baby’s energy consumption at night is very small. If a large amount of night milk is supplemented at this time, it will easily lead to infant obesity.

Third, affecting the quality of the baby’s sleep is not conducive to growth and development.

Sleep quality is related to the overall growth and development of the baby.If lack of sleep, it will affect the baby’s height and intellectual development.People will secrete melatonin at night, and melatonin has a great relationship with regulating immunity, which is conducive to the secretion of growth hormones.However, if the secretion of hormones at night is always disturbed by breastfeeding, it will be lost.

Finally, it is easy to cause tooth decay.

After feeding night milk, the oral cavity is not timely, and the night time is longer. The baby’s mouth is easy to produce bacteria.If the baby drinks night milk for a long time, the chance of dental caries will be greater.Especially babies who have been drinking milk powder are more likely to grow dental caries.

3) Suitable time to break the milk

How big will the baby’s night milk be appropriate?The principle of 369 should be followed.

Three months: If the baby wants to break the night milk, it should be at least three months.

Because three months later, the babies’ melatonin secretion increased, and it showed obvious day and night rhythm.At this time, the speed of the baby’s stomach capacity slows down, and the time for milk and hunger is also regularized.

At this time, whether it is breast milk or milk powder, it is a suitable time to start cultivating normal diet and sleep laws.

Six months: There are many proofs in medicine. Most babies of 4 to 6 months can sleep for 5 to 6 hours without eating.Therefore, under normal circumstances, the baby can break the night milk after six months.

When the baby is six months old, in addition to breast milk and milk powder, parents have begun to add supplementary food to their babies.At this time, the frequency of baby’s milk is reduced.

Nine months: No night milk is needed after nine months.

Therefore, if you want to break the night milk, the distinction should start from six months to gradually reduce the number of night milk.By nine months, the habit of feeding night milk should be officially broken.

4) Reasonable number of night milk

Under normal circumstances, it is generally believed that the number of night milk three months ago should be less than three times.

The number of babies from 3 to 6 months should be less than twice.

Babies from 6 to 8 months, the number of night milk should be within one time, and then there is no need to feed the night milk.

5) Methods of Broken Night

1. Learn to judge

Every Baoma must learn to judge whether the baby’s feeding at night is physiological or psychological needs.

If the baby’s milk time and milk amount is similar to the amount of milk during the day, it means that the baby may be really hungry.

If some babies wake up, they just fall asleep after eating a few mouthfuls, even with nipples and not sucking.At this time, the baby is more psychological.In this case, my mother has to consider going to break the night.Otherwise, the dependence of babies may be heavier.

2. Tips

Don’t recruit it

(1) As long as the amount of milk during the day is sufficient, many times at night, the baby’s sound is not really hungry, but it is a normal phenomenon that appears during light sleep.

Some babies lack this sense of security, and crying is not because of being hungry.When the baby cries at night or makes a sound, the mother does not have to feed immediately as soon as possible, but to soothe, shoot him, do not need to hold it, the baby can enter the natural sleep.

(2) If the baby is really hungry, you can feed properly.However, if the number of breastfeeding times at night, or the amount of breastfeeding is large, you need to adjust the amount of milk during the day.

Try to feed the baby as much as possible before going to bed

(1) One hour before the baby goes to bed, the mother must feed a milk and feed the baby as much as possible, so that the baby is not easy to be hungry at night.Mothers with insufficient breast milk can add milk powder to the baby mixed feeding.

(2) Each mother’s milk is divided into front milk and posterior milk.

The front milk, that is, the milk front of the breast, looks more widow, mainly moisture and protein.

Post -milk is the fat that the baby is more hungry after eating.

When the mother feeds her baby, she must feed the breasts on one side, and then feed the other breast.It is not advisable to feed on both sides of the breast alternately.In this way, the babies on both sides are eaten by the previous milk. After the baby may sleep for a while, it will soon enter the state of hunger.

The time to postpone feeding

Babies who have been used to drinking night milk have been developed.At this time, a step -by -step method should be adopted.

(1) When the baby is crying at night, don’t feed it immediately. Try to use other methods to soothe, delay for five minutes, ten minutes, and then respond to the baby after delay.Gradually let the baby realize that crying is useless, so I have to go to sleep obediently.

(2) Wait until the next feeding, delay time.Slowly reduce the habit of eating night milk.

Reduce the amount of single -time milk

(1) The amount of breastfeeding at night is less than during the day.

During the period of milk break, we must pay attention to gradually reducing a single milk volume and reducing babies to reduce dependence.

(2) Use boiled water instead of night milk.This method is generally recommended for babies for more than six months.

The purpose of breaking night milk is to allow the baby to sleep at night to reduce the burden of food on the baby’s internal organs.

In the case of physical health, pure breastfeeding babies do not need to add extra water within six months.Use boiled water and warm water to transition, and it is necessary to adjust according to the baby’s monthly age.

Develop good habits

Broken milk is definitely not easy.If you want to change, you need a certain time to develop a habit.

As long as the number of babies wakes up gradually decreases, the amount of night milk is gradually decreased, and it is not far from successful night milk.

(1) Try to adjust the baby’s sleep time as much as possible, that is, before nine o’clock.Because nine o’clock is the golden age of children’s brain development.

Mom also try to sleep before 11 o’clock.At this time, the mother’s liver and kidney organs can also be rest.

(2) Because of the influence of night milk, the mother did not rest well at night. At noon to 1 o’clock the next day at noon, the mother could appropriately sleep and supplement sleep.

I believe many mothers talk about "night milk change"!IntersectionBabies with long -term night milk can toss the mother and even the whole family!

Especially breast milk mothers, "tossing several times at night, getting up early in the morning than chickens" uses this sentence to describe it is not too much at all.

In short, the angel baby who envy others, does not eat night milk in less than three months, sleep until dawn!But how much does this angel baby use?

Each baby has its own growth and development characteristics, and the experience of others may not be suitable for your baby.Regarding the broken night milk and regular sleep, the phrase "follows the characteristics of children’s growth and development, proper guidance", and do not deliberately conduct behavioralism training.

About Night Broken Night!At 6 months, I thought he was an angel baby. After quit breast milk to eat milk powder, he suddenly slept.I was used to waking up at night, I got up to feed him, so I won’t drink any bottle.I thought he had broken the night milk like this, and was very excited!I thought, "My son is really good, I’m not willing to toss my mother"

However, after such a beautiful day lasted for a while, he began to intermittently need to drink night milk. The time was about 3 to 5, not every night, it was a sudden night to drink.I kept crying without giving him milk and not sleeping. Do you feed this situation?

I choose to feed, after all, everyone needs to sleep, and he can cry loudly without giving the milk!Killing pigs!The whole family does not have to sleep.Of course I know that this night milk habit is not good, and I am determined to quit.After careful observation, the little sesame was really hungry, so I needed night milk.

How to judge that he was really hungry?

Staring at the direction of milk, he started crying and howling without giving him milk.After giving him milk, drank crazy, and after a while, I drank it.Compared with the diet when sleeping, eat less food in the evening, or drink less milk before bedtime.

At the age of June, small sesame can drink about 250ml of milk before going to bed. After adding a supplementary food, the amount of milk becomes less. In 200ml, you can’t drink it, and sometimes only drink 150ml and 100ml.

Obviously, he did not have to eat before going to bed, so he needed to drink night milk.Later, I told someone to take the supplementary food time a little early to ensure that the amount of milk before and one day was sufficient.As long as he is full, he won’t eat night milk.

Although sometimes wake up at night, I will soothe him and tell him that it is sleeping time at night. Without Neinei drinking, he can help him accept it. Many times I can continue to sleep.

Each child has its own characteristics. The method of breaking the night milk of small sesame may not work. Combining experience, summarizing other methods of abstaining night milk for reference only.

1. OK is really not hungry, add supplementary food reasonably

The time to supplement the food and meals is about 5-6 in the evening, and the foods that are easy to be full and more energy are selected. In June, choose rice paste, eggs, etc., and a little older baby chooses porridge, noodles and other foods.When I first added supplementary food, my little sesame especially liked Garbao rice paste. I also gave him rice paste for other brands. His favorite is Garbo. He listened to my mother -in -law.arrive.

And feed the baby about 1 hour before going to bed, and determine that the baby must be full, the baby is not hungry, and the time to sleep is naturally long.

2. Feed regularly during the day

When feeding your baby during the day, you must be regular. Some babies are not habitually habits. They sleep at a little bit. They do n’t eat enough. They have to eat milk in less than two hours.If the baby is used to drinking milk in less than two hours during the day, it will definitely not be long when he sleeps at night.

And it is irregular to breastfeeding during the day, it is easy to increase the number of times the baby wakes up at night.Therefore, before the night break, it must be ensured regularly, so that the baby is full for every meal.

3. Soothing first when you wake up at night

If the baby wakes up at night, don’t rush to breastfeed, use soothing to stabilize the baby’s emotions, you can lightly pat your baby’s buttocks and touch the baby’s head.

And pay attention to sleeping during the day, slowly adjust to a reasonable sleep law.For example, the three sleeps are slowly changed to twice, and a little baby twice has a nap to be changed to one nap.Interacting with the baby during the day, let the baby lie more, climb, play, etc., talk to him, play games, read, etc.Not only should you guide your baby to sleep regularly, but also give your baby a sufficient amount of exercise.

The exercise consumes a lot, the baby is tired, and sleeps down at night.

4. The amount of milk at night gradually decreases

Let your baby slowly get used to the habit of not eating supper. The baby feeding bottle is easier to handle. Breastfeeding babies, mothers want to watch the table and shorten the length of breastfeeding.Subtract to 6 minutes, 4 minutes, 2 minutes, and finally do not give milk, fall asleep through other soothing methods.

In addition, the baby is sometimes thirsty when you wake up, you can give your baby some water and soothe your baby to fall asleep.Some babies may only need to appease, just want to suck.Gradually reduce this method of quitting milk, it is also gentle, taking into account the baby’s mental health.

But the 100%mild method is not, and the baby can’t avoid crying.In short, some babies have long ways to break the night milk. Dad should give more support, and the mother must be firm in confidence.

I will share with you the little knowledge that I must know every day for you, and pay attention!

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