How to see if you are pregnant?Teach you three tricks, all of which are in line, then congratulations to you

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Some netizens consult: During the pregnancy, there are 4 days of menstruation. In recent days, there have been nausea and vomiting. What is the situation, can it explain that it is pregnant, and what are the ways to judge for pregnancy?

Many women just do n’t know how to judge pregnancy. I used to meet a netizen who had been pregnant for 15 weeks, and she began to show her arms. She found that her belly was wrong, so she started to get pregnant.It’s pregnant.

In fact, in the early pregnancy, there are three ways to judge whether women are pregnant. See performance, use tools, do inspections, and follow the mother of Beijing to learn.

On the day when my aunt visited, this relative did not come. What does it mean?Most of the first reactions are: pregnant?

It is particularly possible. In addition to the do not come, there may be: fear of cold, dizziness, headache, abdominal distension, almost the feeling of menstruation (menstrual menstruation), slightly higher body temperature, fatigue, drowsiness, etc.Early pregnancy reaction.

If these performances have a variety of performances at the same time, it may be pregnant.It is recommended to use early pregnancy test strips, or go directly to the hospital for examination and confirmation, which is the following two steps.

If you suspect that you may be pregnant, you can buy a "early pregnancy test strip" from the pharmacy. Generally, you take morning urine. If there are two red bars, whether it is depth or shallow, it means that you should be pregnant.The hospital’s blood test confirmation.

PS: I saw the experience shared by a mother in the morning: I said that it had not come to menstruation for a few days, and I did not measure it with early pregnancy test strips. I checked it from the Internet that the concentration of urine may be too high, and then fix some water beforeExamination, it really is pregnant (this view is for reference only for pregnant mothers).

If you use your early pregnancy test paper to test your pregnancy, it is best to go to the hospital to confirm the blood test; or you can go to the hospital to take blood to confirm whether you are pregnant.

The blood draw is mainly to check the progesterone and HCG. The progesterone is higher than 5 to indicate that the pregnancy is pregnant. After the first check is confirmed to be pregnant, some doctors may also recommend a review in a few days, mainly to see the situation of HCG double.Then evaluate the development of the fetus.

Of course, doctors may also ask for a B -ultrasound (the stages of pregnancy are generally done by yin super, and you can see more clearly, you can’t see it through the B -ultrasound) to determine that the palace is still ectopic pregnancy.The doctor’s suggestion is good.

In the early pregnancy, pregnant mothers should know these things

1. Precautions for early pregnancy

If you are confirmed that you are pregnant, from psychological to action, you must treat himself as a pregnant woman, and pay more attention.For example, life, diet, sleep, mood, etc. should avoid tiredness, avoid strenuous exercise, rest more, try to keep your mood comfortable and ensure adequate sleep; there is also an important thing to remember: avoid the same room, otherwise there may be a pioneering abortion.

2. About low progesterone and fetal preservation

Some pregnant women’s blood test shows that the progesterone is low, and the doctor will recommend that the fetus will be kept.

In fact, due to physical problems, many women are low. Coupled with progesterone, and progesterone is a change value. Therefore, the detected progesterone values can be used as a reference, and they can be regularly reviewed. If HCG doubles, there is no abdominal pain and bleeding bleeding and bleeding.It is generally okay, so don’t worry too much.

3. About early pregnancy bleeding

Many pregnant mothers will bleed or have brown secretions in the early pregnancy. Brown secretions are generally okay, but pay attention to rest, and it is best to rest in bed. If you continue to bleed, go to the doctor and keep the fetus in accordance with the doctor’s advice;There is a large blood clot in the large amount of bleeding or the secretion, and it is best to go to the hospital for examination.

Early pregnancy is a very fragile stage. If these three methods are confirmed to be pregnant, you must pay more attention to the aspects of attention, but you don’t have to be too nervous and anxious. After all, the emotional and mental state of the pregnant mother will affect the fetus.Development.

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