How to take care of pregnant animals

For humans, autumn is a bumper harvest season

For dogs, autumn is a breeding season

Some parents want dogs to experience the feeling of being a mother, while some parents accidentally discover that the dog’s belly gets bigger day by day but does not know who his father is.

Whether it is intentional or unexpectedly surprised, it is always beautiful to welcome the arrival of new life.

Although taking care of pregnant dogs does not need to be as fine as taking care of pregnant women, there are still some precautions ~ For example, do you need to do a checkup?Can you know a few?What if it is difficult to give birth?

This tweet will give you the answer ~

Dogs that take care of pregnancy correctly are important to get birth to puppy treasures. The entire pregnancy period may be 55-72 days.

Cleaning and quiet environment, reasonable diet, daily exercise and timely medical treatment are all aspects we need to pay attention to.

● Make sure that dogs are qualified candidates for breeding

Many diseases have a genetic tendency. If you want dogs to be a mother, it is best to let the veterinarian check the veterinarian before mating to maximize the risk of genetic diseases in puppies to the greatest extent.

Genetic diseases can affect bones, joints, hearts, teeth, skin, kidneys, liver, nervous system (brain and spinal cord) and immune system.

Some common examples include dysplasia, allergies, cryptor tests, and hernias.

In addition, the personality of the dog dad and the dog mother must be considered. Studies have found that the aggressiveness is inherited. We should give priority to considering the friendly dog without aggressiveness.

● Guarantee nutrition standard

Feeding high -quality foods for dogs before pregnancy can improve the health of puppies and puppies. We must choose at least a good reputation of regular dog food.

● Make sure you have time and financial ability

The puppy dog is very cute, but it is not easy to take care of them.At least 8 weeks after the puppies are born with the female dogs.

If you can’t find a adopted person, the time to take care of puppies will be longer.If you cannot make a cesarean section, it is not a small money.

● Pay attention to immunity and deworming

Most veterinary doctors do not recommend vaccination to pregnant bites, so they should be vaccinated before pregnancy.If immune is not in place, the risk of severe (even fatal) infectious diseases will increase.

Parasites in the body, including tapeworms, hookworms, and heartworms, can be passed to puppies from the female dogs, so it is also important to repel.

Dordoor deworming once every 3 months can be deworming in the body before pregnancy.

In vitro deworming once a month, pay attention to choosing more secure in vitro deworming medicines during pregnancy, such as great pet.● How to judge whether the dog is pregnant, a few

The performance of the first three weeks of pregnancy is not obvious. It may become more loved ones or eat, and the nipples will become larger, especially at the base of the nipple, which becomes powder.

After four to five weeks of pregnancy, the vulva may begin to flow the secretion and the vulva swelling until there is a puppy.

For 20-30 days of pregnancy, the veterinarian’s stretch of dogs can generally be perceived whether she is pregnant.About 28 days of pregnancy, you can see the fetal heart beating with B -ultrasound, so as to evaluate the vitality of the fetus.

44-45 days of pregnancy, X-ray can take out the fetus’s spine. Through several spine, there can be a few small milk dogs.

Four high -quality dog foods with normal amounts of normal amounts before pregnancy.

Because the content of protein, fat, energy and trace elements in puppies food is higher.At this time, the amount of feeding can increase by 20-25%.

By the eighth and ninth weeks of pregnancy, the amount of food increased by 25%. At this time, the female dogs will eat 50%more food than before pregnancy.The baby’s head gradually grows up and will squeeze the stomach of the bitch, so it is recommended to feed a small amount to ensure nutritional needs.

ps. Do not add vitamins, minerals or meat to dog food by yourself, unless veterinarian suggestions.

After pregnancy, take a walk every day to continue. Walking is a good low -intensity exercise for dogs.

If the dog likes to run, the first four to six weeks of pregnancy can still be run, and the sixth week cannot be exercised violently.

In the last three weeks of pregnancy and the first three weeks of postpartum, let the dog mother stay away from other dogs.One is to be afraid that other dogs attack and hurt the dogs, and the other is that the pregnant dog may protect the calf’s heart and become aggressive.

This delivery room can be a carton, plastic storage box or a soft nest, but they need to meet the following requirements to be enough, allowing the dog mother to extend it completely, and there is a high wall that is reserved to give the dog baby.Climbing out of the six weeks, but not too high, the inconvenience of the mother dog can put the towel at the bottom of the delivery room. After the puppies are born, they often replace and clean the towels.To ensure a certain temperature, you can use a low -digit light bulb or warm water bottle.Put the delivery room in a familiar and private place, and let the dog mother get used to the delivery room 1-2 weeks before delivery.

Read this article familiar with this article, so that the dog mother and baby can spend a warm autumn and winter

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