How to tell your parents, you have a boyfriend, you have a boyfriend

Maybe you still have your first boyfriend in high school, or you may have grown up, but you are under severe tutor. I do n’t know how to introduce your boyfriend to your parents.Maybe, you are homosexual, struggling to tell your parents the fact.In any case, it is not easy to reveal that the fact that a boyfriend is.But as long as the method is proper, I believe your parents can accept this fact.If the situation is good, maybe you will be happy for you.The following is a suggestion about telling parents the most.

method 1

Frank love

1. Decide to tell who.There is always a closer or more tolerant among your mother and dad.Generally speaking, telling you a good thing to tell you first will become easier to explain to the other side.

For example, if you have been the pearl in the palm of your dad from an early age, he is obedient to you, then communicate with your dad first.But if your dad’s desire to protect you is particularly strong, it is better to start with your mother.

If you are not yet adult, this trick will be particularly useful.

If you think your parents are good at talking, or do not talk about it, then don’t hide it and say it in front of them.

2. Find a good time.Don’t talk to him when your parents are busy or in a bad mood.If you really want to say, you can ask them when they have time.When choosing a calmness, avoid the time when the parents are under pressure or distraction.

But do not delay repeatedly with the pretext that has not been good.You always have to face this problem.

3. Repeat practice, or write down what you want to say.If you are afraid that you ca n’t say clearly in front of your parents, write down what you want to say beforehand and practice in the mirror.In this way, you really have to face your parents, so you won’t stutter. I don’t know what to say.

4, understand what you think.You are hesitant to tell your parents what always have.Are you worried that your parents will be angry because you are in love?Do you think they will not allow you to travel with your boyfriend?Or you like to protect your privacy.First of all, understand that your thoughts are important, which can be proposed when talking to parents.

For example, if your parents think you are too young, you are not too old.You can say this: "Mom and Dad, I want to tell you some things. I have always hesitated to tell you that I have a boyfriend, because I know you will think I am too young and I am not in the age of falling in love."

5. You still have to come, just face it directly.Once you sit down, you just need to make everything clear.Don’t talk corner.Of course, it is very particular about how to say.You can say, "Mom and Dad, I really love you, and I don’t want to make you two. I want to confess to you, I have a boyfriend."

6. Tell them why you feel that you can already fall in love.For example, you may feel that you are already in high school, and friends around you are allowed to fall in love.To make sense, don’t be angry because your parents disagree.

Your parents are probably not so cold for the phrase "everyone like this."You can see the data of the age of falling in love from the Internet to show them.Let’s give some cases that your mind is mature.

7, be willing to communicate with parents.If your parents don’t want you to fall in love, you must learn to compromise.You can tell them that except for schools, you will not see your boyfriend alone. To go out and play, you will be with everyone.Your parents just want to protect you. You should understand and give up your freedom appropriately.

8. Talk about this person with your parents.Talk about his family and why you like him.Emphasizing his advantages and letting parents understand what he is.It would be better if there is a photo.

Your parents must have a lot of questions to ask you.The best way is to answer each question honestly and completely.If you hide or even lie, your parents will suspect that you will worry you.

If your boyfriend’s relationship with his family is very harmonious, this is a bonus point, you must tell your parents.Because this is a good proof, it shows that he knows to cherish others and cherish family affection.

9. Don’t hide parents.If you really want your parents to accept your boyfriend, then tell them in person.If they know that you have a boyfriend from others, then they will feel that you are concealed intentionally, maybe because of something bad.

Even if you do not bring your boyfriend’s plan to officially see your parents in the short term, you should still tell your parents that you have a boyfriend.Generally speaking, the sooner you confess, the better.It will only make it more and more difficult to keep it in the same way. When the parents learn this fact from other places, there will be more concerns.

Once you have been eating for a long time, it is mature enough.There is no need to introduce each dating object of you.Wait until you really wait, the person who is his appear, and then excite your parents.

Method 2

Special circumstances

1. Put the bad aspects later.If you know that your parents will care about some aspects of your boyfriend, don’t mention these issues from the beginning, put them in the middle of your conversation or in the end.For example, if your boyfriend is much older than you, you’d better tell them at the end.

2. To understand your parents, they may be unhappy.If your situation is different from your parents’ expectations, they are naturally sad.What you have to do is how to deal with their anger or even tears, let them see why you choose this boyfriend and eliminate these negative emotions.

3. Give them a little time.It may take a little time to let parents accept this.They may not accept this boy with all negative reactions, but may be waiting for them to calm down for a while, and they will change their minds.Regardless of the ending, you have to understand that parents are always your parents, and they cannot treat them as enemies because they say no.

Method 3

Taking admit that you are homosexuality

1. Waiting for time.This problem is tricky, especially when you don’t know how your parents will react.So wait until the mentality is stable to discuss this issue with parents.If you are doubting your sexual orientation yourself, then this conversation is even more difficult, because your parents will try to convince you so that you can admit that you are not homosexual.

Any hesitation in your sexual orientation will attract your parents’ questions: "Are you sure?" They want to know if you really know your thoughts.If it is not 100 % convinced, you may still be interested in a boy. As for whether you prefer the problem of girls, it is not too late to decide later.Sexual orientation sometimes changes over time.

2. First find someone to practice.It is difficult to confess to others that it is homosexuality, so find someone who feels that he can accept this fact.For example, other gay friends you know or people with homosexual friends.Try to tell them this fact, and then tell your parents.It is difficult for me to be homosexual for the first time. It may be easier for you to confess to others first.If this person is also homosexual, he or she may give you some opinions.But note that the person you frank must be the 100 % trusty person.

3. If you want to believe in your parents, you have to give you evidence that you are gay.There may be many homosexual communities on the Internet, which may be able to help you appropriately.

It is also good to provide them with related materials or websites for browsing.

4. Give them some time, they may not think that you are homosexual.They need time to accept and let them understand that you are willing to wait for them to accept you slowly.

For example, you can say this: "I know that this fact may be shocked, and I also understand that you need a certain time to accept it. I understand."

5. If you know that your parents are in faith, and will never accept homosexuality, it is not recommended to tell them directly.If they will drive you out of the house and even add their fists, then wait until they can understand.

If you lack a sense of security and know that the consequences are very serious, then it is best not to rush to confess.

Method 4

Copy for parents’ protests

1. Listen to their concerns.Love makes people blind.Your parents may be in love with you and overwhelmed.On the other hand, you should also pay attention to some of their reasonable concerns.

He is calm and politely ask your parents why your parents do not accept your boyfriend.Perhaps it is because of some problems on this boy to worry about your parents, and these concerns are also reasonable.Even if the reason they give is insignificant, listening to their concerns and concerns can make you better convince them and let them feel at ease.

2. Consider from their perspective.Good parents always do their best to protect their children, so when facing their children have grown up, it is difficult to accept.Please understand them a lot.

When you understand them, you must respect your parents.Regardless of the dialogue, you have to respect your parents’ opinions.If you express yourself and their differences on the premise of respecting them, your parents will be a lot better, maybe you will be persuaded by you in the end.

3. Reap a look at your love.If your parents strongly oppose you, re -examine the relationship between you and your boyfriend, think about what he means to you, is it worthy of your stalemate like you and your parents?Weigh the advantages and disadvantages, and think about what to do.Of course, you love your boyfriend, but your parents are indeed your family.

4. If you still don’t want to give up your boyfriend and persist in communicating with your parents.The deeper you talk to them, the better the two sides know each other.Maybe you can get the understanding of your parents.

Try to make your parents and your boyfriend get along a lot.The longer they get along, the more they know your boyfriend.If he is really worth your love, then your parents will always find his advantages.

5. Discuss with your boyfriend.A good boy always understands how important it is to get the recognition of each other’s parents for this relationship.Two people think of ways together, maybe what to convince your parents to be able to persuade your parents.

If your parents have never seen your boyfriend, he may meet your parents on the grounds of introducing himself, so that they can figure out what they think.

If your parents do not agree with you because of some of his specific problems, you can tell him directly, maybe it can promote him to change these problems.

6. Find his parents for help.If you can get the recognition of his parents first, maybe his parents can communicate directly with your parents and convince them.

If you are still a teenager, he is also your first boyfriend, then this method is very useful.It is easier to communicate between adults and adults.If his parents are willing to negotiate with your parents, they are also willing to stand on you and make sure that his child should be willing to consider it.

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