How to treat a small amount of vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain during pregnancy?

Lumbar acid, abdominal pain falling, vaginal bleeding during pregnancy, and vaginal bleeding. After discovering these symptoms, you need to go to the hospital to check and eliminate ectopic pregnancy and hydatidum.

In traditional Chinese medicine, the vaginal bleeding during pregnancy is small, and it will continue when it comes from time to time.There are backache, abdominal pain, lower abdomen, or a small amount of vaginal bleeding during pregnancy during pregnancy. In most cases, leakage and fetal movement are at the same time.It can be treated together.

As early as "Golden Entry, Women’s Pregnancy Certificate Certificate", the rule of governance of tire leakage was recorded, described in the "Chen Suzhang Gynecological Solution · Pre -fetal symptoms": "The pregnancy of pregnancy is from time to time, and the name is tire leak. The qi deficiency of the two menstrual meridians cannot restrict its menstrual blood, so the blood is from time to time. ""Pregnant women have sufficient qi and blood, and the body is strong, then the fetal qi is solid. If the two menstruation is deficient, the fetus is not real, or the liver hurts the kidneys due to anger, and the fetus hurts the kidneys.

Therefore, the main pathogenesis of tire leakage and restless fetal movement is qi and blood disorders, the fetal element is not solid, and there are other pathogenesis, such as kidney deficiency, qi deficiency, blood deficiency, blood heat, blood stasis, humidity, humidity, etc.Fetal movement has a single pathogenesis and compound pathogenesis with virtual reality, such as weak qi and blood or spleen and kidney yang deficiency or kidney deficiency and blood stasis or kidney deficiency and humidity. Different pathogenesis treatments are different.

There are the following types of syndrome differentiation:

Main evidence: The waist and knees are soft during pregnancy, the abdominal pain falls, or it is accompanied by a small amount of bleeding from the vagina, light and dark, or has repeatedly fallen and repeatedly fell;The veins are weak.

Governing law: solidify the kidney and the fetus.

Recipe: Shouni pill plus party ginseng atractylodes.

Main evidence: During pregnancy, a small amount of blood in the vagina, backache, pain and pain in the small abdomen, or accompanied by a small amount of vaginal bleeding, light red, thin quality;, Thin white moss, smooth pulse.

Governing law: nourish qi and nourish blood, solidify the fetus.

Pharmaceutical: Fetal Yuan Drink.

(1) Real thermal evidence

The main evidence: backache, lower abdomen burning during pregnancy, or with a small amount of vaginal bleeding, bright red or dark red, thick and thick; thirst and cold drinks, short yellow urine, constipation; yellow tongue, dry yellow and dry, pulse or number of pulse or number of pulse or numberString number.

Governance: Clear heat and cool blood, solidify blood and stop blood.

Pharmaceutical: Ejiao Soup to Angelica Chuanxiong.

(2) Deficiency of heat syndrome

Main evidence: backache, lower abdomen burning during pregnancy, or with a small amount of vaginal bleeding, bright red, sparse color; or accompanied by upset, five upset heat, dry throat and less, drowning tongue;Pulse finely.

Governance: nourishing yin and clearing heat, nourishing blood and nourishment.

Founded medicine: Baoyin fried.

The main evidence: the symptoms of the stay, the backache after pregnancy, the lower abdomen tingling, the vagina bleed from time to time, the color is dark red, or accidentally stumbled during pregnancy, or excessive labor, or surgery during pregnancy, then backache and abdominal pain, Fetal movement or a small amount of blood bleeding; normal urine; dark red tongue, or ecchymosis, thin moss, slippery or sinking string.

Governance: Activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis, nourishing kidney.

Fang medicine: Guizhi Fuling Pills Pills Pills reduced peach kernel.

Main evidence: Limatum and abdominal pain during pregnancy, a small amount of vaginal bleeding, or endlessness, dark red; or accompanied by low heat fluctuations, yellow urination, stool sticky; red tongue, yellow greasy moss, sliding pulse or number of string numbersEssence

Governance: clearing heat and dampness, nourishing kidney and tires.

Recipe: Angelica Sanbi to Chuanxiong and Ejiaokin Chen.

Other proprietary Chinese medicine treatment:

(1) 5g of Zhenyu Yuan Pills each time, 3 times a day, light saline or honey water, suitable for yin deficiency internal heat certificate;

(2) The oral solution of pregnancy is 20ml each time, 3 times a day, orally, suitable for kidney qi deficiency syndrome and qi and weak syndrome.

The above -mentioned tire leakage and uneasy treatment of fetal movements are prohibited from taking drugs at will.

This article aims to conduct Chinese medicine department for readers. The content cannot replace personal medical diagnosis and treatment for reference only.Please ask the doctor for specific medication and disease problems.

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