How to treat college students from getting married and having children rationally?

Author: Jiang Li

"Senior", "Bringing Baby", "Class First" and "Scholarships are soft", these labels appear on 23 -year -old Xiao Li at the same time.

Recently, an account named "Student Xiaoli Mom" was "fire".In the profile, she wrote "the happiness of taking you to see the wedding and giving birth of a baby in college". At present, there are only 10 account content, but most of them share their learning and bring their baby life, which has aroused widespread discussion.Some netizens said that "the legal age is married and has nothing to do."

The marriage and child in the college students, including the marriage and children of the undergraduate students, and have children from the Ministry of Education in 2005, the new version of the "Regulations on the Management of Student Student Student Students", the cancellation of college students’ marriage must be agreed by the school, but it has always existed, but there has been controversy.When college students get married and have children, they belong to individual choices. Some people in the society do not support them and will not affect their choices.For individual choices for college students, public opinion should be respected. At the same time, colleges and society should combine individual selection of some students to create conditions for students to create such choices and reduce the constraints of individual selection of students from the external environment.

It is a legal right to reach a legal age to choose to get married and have children.This is also the starting point of the education department of my country’s education departments that year.Previously, the "Regulations on the Management of Student Students of Universities" stipulated that college students could not marry without authorization, and they needed to be agreed by the school.After this regulation has been canceled for many years, some people think that the master’s and doctors can get married, and the college students who read in their own are not suitable for marriage, and they are not in favor of children.

Whether it is opposed or singing, this belongs to the opinions of others. Whether choosing to get married is the matter of college students.Just like this girl, after getting married and pregnant, she continues to study and be good. After having children, the children are mainly taken care of by their parents, and they occasionally bring their children to school.This can be described as academic, married and having children.

The policies of relevant laws and education departments stipulate that college students are allowed to marry and have children, and the dispute around this shows that choosing to get married and having children will bear greater pressure, including the economic pressure of marriage and children, academic and marriage and childhood children.Weighing, and so on.From the perspective of building a friendly society, this is one of the problems that need to be solved.In recent years, some local governments have introduced measures to support fertility, such as parenting subsidies and extended maternity leave.But these seem to have nothing to do with college students, because the general attitude is "not supported and not encouraged" to marry and have children in college students, so they avoid measures with encouragement.Harbin Institute of Technology and the local civil affairs department opened the green channel for the college student receiving marriage certificate on May 20 and May 21 this year, which aroused public opinion.

This needs to be adjusted.The age of appropriate age should also be incorporated into the category of "support". As for whether students choose to have children under policy support, it is an individual choice.If the "support" policy for college students’ marriage and childbirth, of course, it is not a call, but to remove some obstacles for them and provide certain convenience for marriage and children.For example, the reform of the teaching management management of credit systems can be promoted, and the elastic science system can be implemented. Students can choose the course and take the time of studying according to their actual situation.After the child is to complete his studies, this provides convenience for the marriage and child of the college students, and reduces the conflict between academic and marriage and child.

Promoting the reform of the management of credit systems is not only considered the need for a small number of students to have marriage and children. If college students want to start a business and want to suspend their studies to do social welfare, they can make their own choices.The greater the space for students to choose, the more diverse the learning and growth choices of college students will be.In a diverse environment, public opinion will not be a fuss about marriage and children in college students.(Jiang Li)

Source: Beijing Youth Daily

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