How to treat the sow’s mouth spitting white foam?The sow is always spitting foam, it is best to solve it like this

When we breed sows, we will encounter the phenomenon of sow mouth spitting.The main symptoms are that the sow’s mouth has been chewing empty, and a lot of foam flowing out.How can we treat this situation?Let’s talk about specific treatment methods below.If your sow also has this kind of problem, then you must do it according to the following method

First, remove insects for sows.

The sow’s mouth is chewed empty and whitching the foam, which is generally caused by parasites.We can use it: Alteridazoleinin powder, mixes in the ingredients to eat the sows, and feed the sows for 7 days in a row, which can play a role in deworming.

If it is a sow that is already pregnant, you can repel deworming in the second and third month of its pregnancy. The first month and fourth month of the sow is not recommended.

Secondly, supplement sow to supplement nutrition.

After the sow lacks nutrition, it will also have the phenomenon of chewing and spitting foam. This is like a man who sleeps when people lack calcium. It is a reason to sleep.Sow is lacking nutrition, on the one hand, because of the lack of deworming, and on the other hand, it may also be the lack of nutrition of the feed itself.

We can supplement the sow to supplement them and give it to it: Multi -dimensional Pacific Bao, 1 catties, multidimensional Pacific guarantee can mix 1,000 pounds of feed for sows, or 1 catties of multi -dimensional Pacific bait water for 2,000 pounds.This can solve the problem of molars and foaming of sows lacking nutrition.

Finally, give the sow to healthy stomach.

In the end, we can condition the sows and the stomach, and the problem of sow’s mouth spitting foam can be completely solved.The sow regulates the gastrointestinal aspect, we can use it for it: the mother animal is too guaranteed, it contains traditional Chinese medicine and probiotics, which can not only enhance the sow’s physique, improve the sow’s immunity, but also regulate the gastrointestinal of the sows, improve the gastrointestinal gastrointestinal and intestines of the sowsBad question.

The above we explained to solve the sow’s mouth spitting foam is very easy to use. Friends who raise pigs can try this method.If you still have a place where you don’t understand, you are welcome to leave a message in the comment area.

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