How to use cosmetics during pregnancy?Don’t be the same as the young girl, it will hurt you and hurt your children

Although I have had a child for several years, I saw a pregnant woman on the road, I couldn’t help thinking of my "time of that year."I found that pregnant mothers are very "not trimmed".At the beginning, I washed my hair once a week, and I didn’t dare to use any cosmetics.It is not that we have no demand for ourselves, but we are trapped on the word "dare".

Pregnancy is a careful journey. Even if you continue to be beautiful, you have to consider your baby and consider it again and again.With the experience of people, today shared some instructions for the use of cosmetics during pregnancy.Make a wake up for the sisters.

1 Light spots, whitening, and anti -acne products cannot be used

These are functional cosmetics, especially light spots and whitening.During pregnancy, it is easy to grow spots. Do n’t worry. After pregnancy, you will be fine. Even if you do n’t have good, you have given birth to a child, and after breastfeeding, you use such products.

Because there are poisonous chemicals such as inorganic mercury salt and hydrogen hydrogen in light spots and whitening products, these are also particularly easy to be absorbed by the skin, which will endanger your and fetal baby.So, if you want to think about it again, you have to hold back!

2 Follow perm, hair dyeing, softening, etc.

We should have all made hair, sisters, when we walked to the barber shop and used these things, did you smell the boss?Willing!Certainly!have!Here are cold -boiled agents and folding agents. They are not fuel -saving lamps. After being absorbed by the skin, they enter the blood circulation. Oh My God, no, no, this time affects the development of fetal baby.Thinking about it was terrible and stopped decisively.

Don’t believe in some unscrupulous hairdressers, such as Teacher Tony, say: Hi, tell you, this is pure plant hair care. Unlike other people’s homes, pregnant women can also use it. If you don’t believe it, try it.

Alas, I believe you a ghost.If I have something wrong, no one can afford responsibility!

3 Resolutely do not apply nail polish

Don’t get used to your nails without color?Find a color pen to draw a painting!

There are high -purity formaldehyde, phthalate, and chemical dyes in the leader of the titles, and there is no benefit to the human body.In Chinese medicine, nails are windows of the liver. You have confused the windows. How can you breathe?

4 Don’t dress with flowers, and make makeup.

Try to avoid makeup during pregnancy.Many cosmetics ingredients are "unfriendly" for pregnant women.Even if some plants are extracted, try not to use it.Plant extraction, the extraction is not the same as the chemical ingredients.

Some pregnant women are really harmless, but why do you think it is the one you chose?Is your ability to identify?Now that various merchants say that the sky is messy, there are a few conscience, all of which they avoid the light, and grab the advantages of sesame seeds to boast into watermelon.

Especially lipstick, many cosmetics have a lot of taste, which is not good for the development of the baby.Try not to use it.

What can you use?

Don’t worry, we can use some skin care.

Such as moisturizing.Moisturizing, moisturizing cream, moisturizing lipsticks.There are also some cleaning supplies: soaps without soap -based, such as baby soap, handmade soap, etc. can be used.There are some soft facial cleanser.

In addition, sunscreen is available.Going out for sun protection, the damage of ultraviolet rays is very great.

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