How to use fake pregnancy to restore the predecessor?These are possible

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After breaking up, the boys did not go back, and said to you: Don’t contact it in the future.

The news gradually did not respond. What should I do?In order to make my ex -boyfriend change their minds and contact themselves, many girls begin to do everything.

For example, pretending to be sick, pretending to be depressed, self -suicide threats, and so on.

There are also some girls who will use the final "trick", that is -fake pregnancy.

Although the method of fake pregnancy is extreme, it is often effective in a short period of time, because they can at least get a timely response from boys.

Is the way to get pregnant, can you help you save him?This needs to start with the psychology of the boy.


The addiction above the extremely disgust is often counterproductive

When many girls send fake pregnancy information, they look forward to the other party who can read the old feelings and give him a warm response, so that he knows that he still has me in his heart.

However, they really got very bad feedback -they directly pulled black and deleted.

Some people even say: I don’t care, do you look at it yourself!

Seeing such a result, girls often collapse in anger and hate boys’ ruthlessness. They do n’t even have their own “children”. They really have no conscience.

The student Feifei was like this. After sending the past fake B -ultrasound, the stone sank the sea, and the message was sent again.

Feifei didn’t understand why, I told her that everyone had encountered people they hated particularly. In severe cases, you especially wanted to cut off everything with each other, and even wished that the other party would disappear from the world immediately.

After all, you finally cleared the boundaries with each other and no longer communicate.

Just when you are glad to get rid of the other party, the other party suddenly said that there are still some glory between you and it is difficult to give up.What do you think?

Feifei said, then I must be annoying.

Yeah, when you are pregnant, you will break up with you, and you think so much about the man who is particularly rejected by you.

Therefore, although they know that "pregnancy" is not your fault, not your responsibility, and blame himself, but because he was completely angry, irritable, and disgust at the time, he would only get angry with you,His more disgust and rejection of you.

Therefore, if you break up, it is really very stiff, then you must not use the "fake pregnancy" method, which will only make your relationship never repeat!


Compensation under guilt, accompany you to get a fetus, but I will never reconcile

Regardless of whether you are pregnant or really pregnant, many girls must have heard a word, that is: fight.

The former student Xiaohui was too troublesome to disrespect the parents of the former Liu Feng, and the noise was too ugly, and Liu Feng broke up.

After breaking up, Xiaohui couldn’t stand it. All kinds of begging, Liu Feng finally agreed to give Xiaohui another chance.

However, after the two were reunited, Xiaohui rehabilitated, and Liu Feng resolutely proposed to break up again. This time, no matter how his girlfriend begged, it would be useless, and he even had to cut off all contact information.

In order to let Liu Feng respond to herself, Xiao Hui used the way to get pregnant.

As soon as he heard the news, Liu Feng took a train to Xiaohui that night.Seeing Xiaohui uncomfortable, Liu Feng was also very sad, but he urged Xiaohui to kill the "child" as soon as possible. After all, the sooner he hurt his body, the smaller the body.

He said, crying with Xiaohui’s belly.

Xiaofeng had no savings, but she still made up and gave Xiaohui 20,000 yuan for her to give birth and raise her body.

Xiaohui is particularly painful, and I still insist that the other party is so sad and still insist on her "fetal abortion". I help her analyze that many men are more traditional. For example, Liu Feng, he is a traditional man with a loyal family and a child, so he can then he.He broke up because Xiaohui was disagreeable with his parents.Therefore, he has a great guilt for "Xiaohui of Pregnancy" and this "unborn child".

Therefore, he is willing to approach everything to compensate Xiaohui, but he, a pair of Xiaohui has no feelings, and the second loss has been eaten once, and he will not repeat the same mistakes.

So many times, for some responsible predecessors, they will find ways to make some economic compensation, and even want to take care of you, but this does not mean that they want to followYou are reunited.

Because guilt is never love.


The only way to be able to reunite depends on this

Many people may say that my friend is successful with fake pregnancy!This method is useful.

It is really useful for some situations. For example, it was a false breakup, and the two were still in love.

If this is the case, even if there is no child, it is easy to recover.

The true breakup of bad situations uses the way to get pregnant, which will only worsen.

So, how can false pregnancy be recovered success?Only with fake pregnancy, unable to succeed.

But if you have used fake pregnancy, you can also cooperate with other methods to promote recovery.

For example, the student Fifi I just mentioned, after being completely blackened by the other party, found me. I helped her sort out the emotional problems and made a corresponding improvement and changed, so that she really realized her mistakes.

At the same time, under my guidance, I wrote a reflection new reflection and mail to the other party.The other party thanked Feifei’s frankness and returned WeChat.

After that, through step -by -step promotion, the other party forgive Fifi’s previous deception, and we also saw the huge changes in Feifei in the past three months, and the two reunited.

In fact, is it a key factor that determines whether you will break up and can recover.

It is used to recover with fake pregnancy, as if many people ask her husband to divorce for their children.

Good feelings have nothing to do with whether there are children.

The bad feelings will be abducted with children, and they are destined not to be happy.

Fake pregnancy is just a means of connection. It does not allow him to turn back. In this way of compatibility with the other party, what will he think of it when he is together?

His pain was only known to himself.

Therefore, girls should not contact their predecessors in the way of pregnancy. Such consequences are often very bad.

Maybe you are also facing the predicament of recovery. Maybe you have committed the mistake of "fake pregnancy". Don’t worry. You can scan the code in time to contact me. I will help you make up for the past mistakes and restore your love in the correct way!

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