How will the physical temperature change after pregnancy?Basic body temperature monitoring in the early pregnancy is important!

After learning about pregnancy, after the surprise, many Ma Ma began to worry about three months before pregnancy.3 months before pregnancy, it is easy to be unstable without paying attention to it.It is said that the basal body temperature can be prevented by testing the basal body temperature three months before pregnancy. What is the normal temperature after pregnancy?When is it always maintained at high temperature?What is a predictable aura abortion?

Is it confused?Let me know with me!

During the pregnancy-body temperature is two-phase curve

The surrogacy here refers to what we usually say.Everyone knows that the period of the menstrual cycle can only be pregnant during these 7 days.By observing the changes in the temperature of the base temperature, you can find the ovulation day. The first five and the first and after the period is easy to get pregnant.

A two -phase temperature curve with ovulation

On the first day of menstruation to the low temperature period before ovulation, the body temperature rose 0.3 ~ 0.5 ° C after ovulation and continued until the next menstrual tide.If you are pregnant, your body temperature will continue at high temperature. It will be a sign of early pregnancy for more than 20 days. Go to the hospital to confirm it!

Early pregnancy-body temperature is not high

In the early three months of pregnancy, the temperature will always be high, at least above 36.6 ° C, and generally maintains at 36.9 ~ 37.2 ° C.At this time, the temperature status of the body is close to low fever, but this is a normal physiological phenomenon.

However, if there is an abnormally increased body temperature, it feels uncomfortable. At this time, it is necessary to doubt whether it is fever. It is recommended to go to the hospital to see.

Threatened abortion

In addition, if the body temperature drops suddenly by 0.3 ~ 0.5 ° C, it should also be paid attention to it, and go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible, because this is a sign of signs.

In the middle of pregnancy-body temperature is returned to normal

Why does the body temperature return to normal?This should start with the principle of changes in body temperature.

From the first day of menstruation, the pituitary gland will send follicle hormone (FSH) to the ovarian to wake up egg cells. Small follicle cells release estrogen in continuous growth, and estrogen continues to stimulate the growth of the uterus.

When the level of estrogen reaches the highest level, the pituitary gland will send an ovulation assistant to promote the luteal to form hormone (LH) to the ovaries, causing mature follicle cells to ovulate.In most cases, only one egg is tender and successfully discharged, and the egg cells after ovulation will evolve into luteum. The progesterone released by the luteal can increase the base temperature by 0.3 ~ 0.5 ° C.

The luteal life is 12 to 16 days.If the excreted eggs are not successfully fertilized, and after luteal failure, the endometrium to lose the support of progesterone will fall off and form menstruation.

The progesterone will secrete progesterone (progesterone). After pregnancy, progesterone will maintain pregnancy and make the fetus grow safely.This process will last about 13 weeks. After 13 weeks, the luteal starts to shrink, stops the secretion of progesterone, and the body temperature tends to be normal.

Therefore, after 13 weeks of pregnancy, after about 3 to April, the body temperature will return to the normal body temperature of 36 ~ 37 ° C.

Precautions for temperature measurement

Emphasize here.Basic body temperature means that after sleeping for 6 to 8 hours, wake up and measure immediately without doing any activities.Just wake up naturally, try to keep measurement at the same time.

If the time difference between a natural wake up every day is more than 2 hours, a vibration alarm clock can be set to avoid temperature measurement after waking.

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