Human placenta transactions are exposed, expensive!Eat the human placenta, is it nourishing or dead?

"Dr. Zhang, does the human placenta really have no nourishing effect?"

At noon today, when I went home, I met a former high school classmate.She told me that she had been pregnant for 36 weeks and was always easy to catch a cold during pregnancy, so she always wanted to improve her immunity.Several friends around her told her that the human placenta had a great supplement, and she could improve her immunity, so she wanted to buy some placenta nourishment.

As a result, after she told her husband, she was rejected, and her husband told her that the placenta did not have much effect on improving immunity, and there may be some hidden dangers.After listening to her husband’s words, my classmate was doubtful, so she asked the question at the beginning of my article.

In fact, as early as 2005, the human placenta was banned from selling, and many media also reported some inside story of the human placenta.It is reported that the price of a pound of placenta for a pound of human body is as high as 1,200 yuan, and its price is indeed expensive.Many people think that the human placenta has the function of improving immunity and delaying aging, but some experts believe that the placenta does not have the above effect, and there is a certain security risk!What kind of view is correct?Today, the doctor’s good words will talk to you about related issues.

Many people are keen to eat the human placenta because many rumors believe that it has more effects.

The novels, movies, or TV series we usually see are more or less than less than the Zihe car. In fact, the Zihe car is the product of the placenta after processing.

From ancient times to the present, the placenta has been considered to have a great replenishment effect, and many officials in history have eaten placenta.Even now, many people still believe that the placenta has a great supplementary effect.After many women have given birth to children, their family may also let them take the placenta home to "replenish their bodies."

At the same time, traditional Chinese medicine believes that the placenta also has a nourishing effect, and many people also believe in Chinese medicine, so they believe that the placental nourishing effect is more believed.In this way, traditional Chinese medicine explains the placenta, that is, "in the pregnancy tire, the umbilicus is tied to the mother, the fetus is the mother ridge, the mother’s adorable, the mother’s blood, the combination of the blood."A bit similar to the complement.

After all, the placenta is to transmit nutrition, and it must also have rich nutrition.Although the placenta recorded by some Chinese medicine books also has a nourishing effect, many of them are derived from the folks.

Take the authoritative Chinese medicine book "Compendium of Materia Medica", it also records the medicinal value of the placenta.However, Li Shizhen also mentioned his view of the placenta in this book. The idea is that eating placenta is equivalent to eating the same kind. This is what the beast does!

We need to pay attention to it. Although the placenta is the medium of material exchange between the fetus and the mother, some metabolic wastes of the fetus are also discharged from the body through the placenta.

Many people think that the placenta will secrete some hormones in the growth and development of the fetus, such as estrogen, progesterone, immunoglobulin, etc., and the placenta is also rich in protein. Thereforeforce.However, once the placenta leaves the human body, its function disappears. At this time, the placenta becomes a common "meat", and those hormones stop secreting.

Some friends may say that even if the placenta loses the ability to secrete hormones, it still contains hormones!There is indeed a certain reason, but the placenta will destroy the activity of the hormone in the process of heating. In this case, it is not much different from eating placenta and eating a piece of ordinary meat.

In fact, the placenta was removed as early as the 2015 Chinese Pharmacopoeia, and the law also stipulated that the placenta was not allowed to be sold in the market. This was mainly because there was security risks and ethical problems in edible placenta.

Through the above introduction, everyone should be able to see that although the placenta contains more immunoglobulin and hormones, it will destroy the immunoglobulin and hormones contained in the placenta.Eating placenta is actually not much different from ordinary meat, so it is said that the placenta has a nourishing effect.

The placenta mentioned here is in disguise "death". In fact, the main thing is to eat the safety risks of the placenta. It can be summarized as the following 2 points:

导 Eating placenta may cause heavy metal poisoning:

Heavy metal poisoning

Maybe many friends feel that I feel panic when they see this title, but this is not the case.We need to figure out what the placenta has. Objectively speaking, one of the main functions of the placenta is to protect the fetus from damage to harmful substances.

Some studies have shown that the placenta tissue has exceeded the standard cadmium, arsenic, mercury, lead and other elements.If you eat placenta frequently, the risk of heavy metal poisoning will be increased.

险 Increase the risk of infection!

To a certain extent, the placenta is equivalent to the garbage transfer station. When the mother’s blood passes through the placenta, it will filter out the harmful substances inside, and then transport the nutrients in the blood to the fetus.After the fetus uses these nutrients, some metabolic waste will be produced, which will be transmitted to the mother through the placenta.

Although the blood of normal pregnant women does not contain microorganisms, if pregnant women have AIDS and hepatitis B, their blood may contain AIDS and hepatitis B virus.When the mother’s blood passes through the placenta, it may cause the placenta to carry hepatitis B virus and AIDS virus.””

Some friends may say that eating placenta must be cooked, and it is impossible to eat raw.However, it should be noted that many people say that the placenta is cooked, that is, heated to about 100 ° C. If the heating continues for a short time, it may not be able to completely kill the microorganisms contained in it.Risk of disease.

In addition, there are some viruses that are high temperature resistant, and it is difficult to kill them completely at a temperature of 100 ° C. This type of virus mainly includes HIV, hepatitis virus, and herpes virus.””

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