I always want to drink water during pregnancy.

Regardless of whether you are pregnant, you may sometimes feel the impulse to drink a lot of water every day.Generally, people say that drinking 8 glasses of water is normal, but pregnant women may need to drink a little more.But when you are pregnant, you feel extremely thirsty. Here, we will discuss whether this phenomenon is normal.

For most women, thirst is completely normal during pregnancy.Your body needs more liquid to operate normally; you drink water not only for yourself, but also for your belly.

The following are some reasons why you feel thirsty during pregnancy:

1. hypotension

When you are pregnant 24 weeks, the drop in blood pressure is normal.When this happens, your heart needs more work to pump out more blood.This will increase thirst.

2. Increased blood capacity

Pregnancy will increase the blood volume in your body by 40%.Your body needs these extra blood, so that it can provide nutrition for your baby, oxygen and ensure that his cells develop normally.In order to supplement the additional demand for blood, your body will need more water to make you feel more thirsty.

3. Food or drink

You may suddenly feel thirsty when you eat salty food or many spices.If you find that you are very thirsty after eating, it is best to avoid eating for a period of time.

4. No enough water

When your baby grows up in your uterus, the amniotic sac will become larger.Your body needs more liquid to help you and your baby’s waste.Some women, especially those who live under warm climate, will find that their thirst is caused by more sweat.

5. Bladder pressure

When your baby continues to develop, your increasing uterus will begin to oppress your bladder, stimulating you to urinate more frequently and drink more liquid.When you discharge liquid, your thirst will increase.

1. Drinking lemonade can help reduce nausea and vomiting

Reduce salt intake in diet, and eat more fruits and vegetables at the same time. These fruits and vegetables naturally contain a lot of water, which also helps relieve thirst.

2. The right diet

Sometimes you may be busy during the day, so that you forget to drink water, causing thirst to intensify.If this is the case, you can install an application on your computer or mobile phone to remind you to drink plenty of water.

Drinking water is important, but drinking too much may be harmful.Therefore, the dose should be controlled according to the doctor’s advice.

If pregnant women have more thirsty during pregnancy, the degree of thirst has exceeded the normal range, and it may indicate the beginning of gestational diabetes, especially when you often urinate and feel fatigue.You need to detect your blood sugar.Listen to the doctor’s advice.

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