I am lazy during these three aspects during pregnancy, and I will retribute to you after giving birth. Do you dare to be lazy?

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Xiao Ai had a son a while ago, and I went to see her after confinement.When I saw Xiao Ai, I really felt that there was a child. Xiao Ai was really like a plastic surgery, but it was ugly. The swimming ring on my belly would not say. It is inevitable that after giving birth to the child, how can the face become so dark yellow?Rough, it seems that I am 10 years old at once.

Chatting Xiao Xiao Ai said: "Since I am pregnant, I have never used skin care products for my children. Now I don’t want to see my face myself, and I haven’t exercised during pregnancy.I will not say the crime when it is produced. Now the swimming circle on the body does not know when it can go. Now the intestines are regrettable. If the second child is reborn, I will definitely insist on skin care during pregnancy.Will be yourself. "

Although, after pregnancy, the healthy expectant mothers should be lazy for the baby’s healthy mothers, but some laziness is unnecessary. Maybe it will regret it after production. It is not necessary to discard it?

1. Persist in skin care

Many pregnant mothers have put all their skincare beams after pregnancy. They all day long, and have nothing to do on their faces. If you are the same, you will regret it in the future.After pregnancy, the skin condition of pregnant mothers will change. Few pregnant mothers will become tender and smooth, but most pregnant mothers will become rough and dull.No matter which one is, pregnant mothers should insist on skin care and do daily skin care. Remember to choose skin care products for pregnant women.But all kinds of makeup and high heels should be put away.

2. Moderate exercise

Some pregnant mothers not only resigned after pregnancy, but they couldn’t wait to lie on the bed all day to "reassure their tires."Not to mention exercising every day, even going downstairs is difficult.In fact, pregnant mothers really don’t have to be so exaggerated. It is necessary to perform appropriate exercise during pregnancy. Not only can it help the pregnant mother to control the weight and prepare for the future delivery, but it is also conducive to postpartum recovery.But exercise during pregnancy must be based on your physical strength.

3. The rules of schedule

For women, no matter how much you love to stay up late, but you have to quit this habit after pregnancy.Because staying up late during pregnancy not only affects the body of the pregnant mother, but also affects the development of the fetus.After the child is born, it may be inherited to the mother’s schedule, and the day and night are not distinguished. Such children are more difficult to control.

During pregnancy, are you lazy during these 3 things?


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