I am pregnant, and go to his family to discuss marriage with my boyfriend. Some of his parents’ words make me fall as an ice cave.

My boyfriend and I were in love when I was in college. For four years in college, we talked about three years of love. As soon as we graduated this year, we lived together. I didn’t expect that I was pregnant soon.

When I told my boyfriend about my pregnancy, he said excitedly: Let’s go back to my house. I want to tell my parents about this good news that I want them to quickly prepare for the wedding for me.They are going to be grandparents, and they will be very happy.

I do n’t know why, I just ca n’t get up, and even a little faintly worried, because I always feel that in the minds of the elders, a girl is pregnant first, and always makes them feel that the girl is not self -esteem and love.

When I told my boyfriend about this worry, he said decisively, "Don’t worry, my parents are not the kind of old thought."

So, with a uneasy mood, I went to his parents’ house with my boyfriend. When we entered his house, his parents were very enthusiastic about me, especially his mother took fruit juice and snacks.Also, the daughter -in -law and daughter -in -law kept calling for a short time. I was so hot when I heard it. His mother also said that she did not have a daughter, and I would be her daughter in the future.

The attitude of my boyfriend’s mother made me put down all the alertness. Thinking of the worries before I came, I still felt funny. That was the attachment of the gentleman with the heart of my villain!I couldn’t help but make a joke.

On the first night of their home, because I was too sleepy, I went to bed early to rest, but when I slept at about 10 o’clock, I woke up, and I got out of bed and went to the toilet and then slept.

When I passed by the living room, I seemed to hear that someone in the bedroom of my boyfriend’s parents was talking. I intentionally listened, as if my boyfriend and his parents were talking about our marriage.

Seeing her 30,000 is a lot, and the wedding room is no longer renovated, just buy a few furniture, "his father also echoed with his voice, but his boyfriend said loudly at this time," Mom, what are you saying, what are you say?Why did she become a reason for your reducing requirements? 80,000, why are my girlfriend 30,000, and a new house, why not decorate it? "

At this time, her boyfriend’s mother was anxious, and she said in a hurry: "My silly son, who does not want to save money when she gets married, while she is pregnant, how good, how can you do it?"

I couldn’t hear anymore, I was cold and stunned, and I returned to my room silently. I lay silently on the bed, and I did not fight for tears.

I really ca n’t think of it. A aunt who was so good to me in front of me saw me so cheaply because my unmarried first was pregnant first, making her a reason to grasp me. I haven’t talked about the marriage.Send me.

The only thing I feel comforted is that my boyfriend always stood on my side to speak for me. As for whether I can persuade his parents, I don’t want to know.

Thinking of the future is still long, I really don’t know what to do.

If I break up with my boyfriend, I can’t bear to give up our feelings in the past three years, and more importantly, there are children in my belly, what should he do?If he broke up, he kept or killed, no matter which ending, he was miserable.But if I do n’t break up, I will face such a mother -in -law who has different thoughts and counsels in the future.what do I do?

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