I am pregnant. B -ultrasound says that there is blood in the palace. Is it necessary to have a miscarriage?

When the B ultrasound sees this image:

B -ultrasound doctor will write on your report::

Internal liquid dark regions in the uterine cavity, please combine the clinic;

Or write like this:

Bed bleeding/postcard blood/choric blood hemorrhage …

In short, there is a liquid that should not occur in the uterus. In most cases, it is blood, and then no matter whether you have signs of signs such as bleeding or abdominal pain, most doctors will recommend you to do this:

I ca n’t wait to eat and drink Lasa on the bed, take medicine or even injections every day, and have to sit in a wheelchair or even lie.Is it really effective?

Today, I will tell you about the research progress in recent years.

There is blood gathering between the choric membrane and the gestational sac or between the uterus and the placenta. In general, there is a layer of membrane or placenta between the bleeding and embryo. The cause is unknown.

It can be accompanied by vaginal bleeding, more or less, or no symptoms such as vaginal bleeding.

The incidence of literature is very different-0.46-39.5%, which is more common among women who assist reproductive conception, may be caused by embryo transplantation.

Whether SCH is related to bad pregnancy endings such as natural miscarriage, premature birth, premature placental peeling, slow fetal development, neonatal suffocation, etc., and there is currently no conclusion.

It is generally believed that the end of pregnancy is related to the size of hematoma, the age of the pregnant woman, the pregnancy week, and whether it is accompanied by vaginal hemorrhage:

The greater the hematoma, the older the pregnant woman, the greater the risk of abortion with vaginal bleeding;

The earlier the pregnancy of hematoma, the greater the risk of bad pregnancy ending such as fetal development;

The earlier to find SCH, the higher the pregnancy failure rate. Of course, the size of hematoma also plays a decisive role.

Avoid increased abdominal pressure:

Increase the intake of fiber and water to prevent constipation;

Rest properly (not absolutely bed) to avoid strenuous exercise and avoid raising heavy objects.

B ultrasound monitoring hematoma, gestational sac form and fetal heart:

The hematoma increases, the fetal heart beat becomes weakened or slower, and the gestational sac deformation is obvious, indicating that there may be abortion.

Note: The monitoring frequency is not standardized, and it varies from person to person. Personally, it is recommended that once a week, until the hematoma disappears.

Observe the vaginal bleeding by yourself:

Vaginal hemorrhage or the amount of bleeding increases compared to the previous, and should be seen in time.

medical treatement:

Is there any controversy if the luteal plus hemostatic drug is necessary?

In fact, most of the uterine cavity accumulates blood, and it will disappear by itself without treatment. It does not increase the risk of natural miscarriage, especially those who occur in normal fetal heart, small area, and no vaginal hemorrhage.

in conclusion:

When the B -ultrasound prompts that there is blood accumulation in the uterine cavity, don’t worry too much, most of them will disappear by yourself;

B ultrasound strict follow -up is the most important (recommended once on a week);

Whether drug treatment is needed, varies from person to person.


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