I am pregnant, but I can’t sleep!

pregnant!It was a great event. He brought the hope of life, but a lot of annoying things accompanied by pregnancy also made pregnant women miserable, such as sleep.Some pregnant women’s sleep conditions are very bad, and they often can’t sleep at night. In fact, this is not good. Insomnia for pregnant women will not only be unfavorable to the pregnant woman itself, but also have a bad impact on the baby in the pregnant woman’s belly.Since pregnant women can’t sleep at night, it is not a good thing. What causes pregnant women to sleep well?What is the solution?

First, various adverse symptoms occur during pregnancy.Moms are particularly prone to symptoms such as backache, back pain, nausea, and cramps during pregnancy. Therefore, she will not be able to adapt when she sleeps at night. She feels uncomfortable and constantly turning over.Some mothers have the habit of drinking water before going to bed, so when they get up in the middle of the night, they are one of the reasons for the poor sleep quality of the mother.

Second, the diet during pregnancy changes.Due to the impact of pregnancy, it is natural to adjust the dietary habits of pregnant mothers during pregnancy.Some pregnant mothers have a particularly good appetite during pregnancy. When they see everything, they always feel that eating more is not bad, which causes gastrointestinal discomfort.Other pregnant mothers especially like to eat sweets and coffee before pregnancy, but they are not restrained during pregnancy, and eating more sweets and drinking coffee for a long time will also affect sleep quality.

Third, the mother’s psychological pressure is too great.Some pregnant mothers always like to think wildly before going to bed, which causes great pressure on their psychology.After a while, I was worried about whether the baby would give birth prematurely, and for a while, I was worried about whether I could give birth, and I was afraid that there were any problems in the production process. The more I thought, the more I couldn’t sleep.Especially in the middle of the night, women are particularly sensitive, and nerves are particularly fragile, so it is easy to restless when sleeping.

What can pregnant women do before going to bed to help their sleep?

1. Sleeping during the day should not be too long: Once you sleep for a long time during the day, there will be no sleepy at night, which will cause insomnia.

2. Drink a glass of milk before going to bed: We all know that milk has a good sleep help effect, so it is very good for pregnant women to drink a glass of milk before going to bed.

3. Usually eat more nutritious foods: fish and shrimp contain the ketones required by pregnant women, and the soy products are rich in protein, and red dates can replenish qi and blood, so eating more is also good for helping sleep.

4. Don’t give yourself too much psychological burden: Do not think too much before going to bed, so as not to give yourself too much psychological pressure, if you really can’t sleep.

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