I am pregnant when I start to work. I heard the word "maternity leave", I cried

His vacation is a company, a boss, especially the eternal topic that HR wants to face.

Recently, discussions on vacation, hot search on Weibo, first of all, for everyone’s information,”2019 holiday arrangement”

For employees, of course, the earlier the better, the better, after all, many people are like me.It has begun to arrange for a long time after a long holiday.Whether going abroad or province, it is arranged.

However, when the company hears it, he is afraid that when he hears it, the money will be done, but the person who is not in the office is not suffering.

The second topic of vacation is related to many female friends.””

Ms. Chen in the incident said that she joined a company in March and found that she was pregnant in July, and the company had urged her to resign.Ms. Chen appealed to ask the company to continue to perform the contract and win the lawsuit.On December 3, Ms. Chen, who was 7 and a half months pregnant, returned to the post and found that the company arranged for her to work at the construction site.

The incident contacted by the maternity vacation once became a topic of discussion of the whole people. When the case of deceiving maternity leave appeared, the pregnancy of female employees became a headache for employees and managers.

The third topic about vacation, more than 10 provinces released”第 第 第 第 第”

Not only the only children, but the parents need to take care of their parents’ illness, many provinces have launched relevant policies to implement the implementation of "nursing leave".

Nowadays, most people work to work, and parents at home have no time to take care of them. With the implementation of this policy, people can have more opportunities to take care of their families.The policy is indeed full of humanization, but the research king actually has the same concerns as everyone.

Why are more and more employees worried about discounts in front of marriage leave, maternity leave, and accompanying maternity leave now, and more and more companies are worried about cheating leave?


Cost is the corporate heart disease

To be honest, in the face of the vacation policy, which company is not willing to obey, after all, the following hundreds of eyes are staring at, and you will see the "1818 golden eye"., Also let the enterprise go on the tip of the knife all the time.

However, the operating cost of an enterprise is the lifeblood of whether life can continue.It wasn’t me exaggerated. I once saw a company, and one -third of the people in the year have been in a vacation state.Either maternity leave, marriage leave, and then annual leave.To put it plainly, the money is paid every month, but people will never be uniform.Employees will not affect more and less business.

What does this make companies do, they are also very distressed.When a person hopes that what he gains more than his ability and contribution, it is a net burden for enterprises and even society.The burden of employees’ vacation is basically borne by the enterprise. The enterprise is not stupid and will try not to recruit people with "privileges" on vacation, otherwise it will lead to the company’s competitive disadvantage.This is related to the competitive disadvantages of some people in the employment market.

Prior to this, a Weibo, a netizen shared his experience of asking for leave with the company.The normal process was asked to take pictures to prove that "I am sick at this moment."

This "wonderful" proof of "strange" seems to be that the enterprise is "nothing to find", but the managers also experienced too many "scams" and came out of this policy.After all, no one wants to spend money.

Between companies and employees, the loss of trust in certain things will repeatedly occur such cases.


Integrity is the basic moral literacy of employees

Why don’t you want to recruit unmarried women who are not married?The reason is known for everyone.

In my small circle, I called the employees who were recruited until half a year before it were won.The koi cannot be drawn, and there are a lot of employees who have maternal leave.

If you have worked in the company for three years and five years, you are still single, and everyone must not hurry to get married and have children, but before half a year, maternity leave, which makes HR responsible for recruitment is embarrassing.

Everyone hopes to be treated fairly and fairly, but there is that group of people drilling empty, in order to take advantage of the enterprise, they spare no effort.In the end, so that those who were really sick and wrong, please be fake and complain.This is how the vicious circle comes.

Enterprises distribute benefits, and the starting point of the state’s implementation policy is to allow the society to have a more harmonious and good operating environment.Working and making money is a mutually beneficial balance relationship. A small number of people, that is, ignore integrity and morality, maximize their own interests, which affects society’s impression and attitude towards a large group of people.

At first, no company was discriminated against foreigners, discriminating against women, and discriminating against the post -90s. It was just that some things had experienced more, and naturally they would take the initiative to avoid it.


Humanity and human sentiment convey mutual understanding

In addition to systems and laws, there is also a layer of human nature and humanity. Between corporate employees, they need to cultivate and trust each other.

The company seeks benefits for employees to mobilize work enthusiasm to a greater extent. Employees have received the company’s support outside of work to get more sense of belonging in work.The original intention is good. Now there is a problem to occur, so the two parties should think about the other side’s position.

Employees ask for marriage leave, funeral leave, and leave. The excessive harshness of enterprises on certification conditions will only affect the significance of the "welfare" itself from the opposite side.The employee drilling system vulnerability, once or twice, is cheap, but over time, it has affected his image, and even with the wok with a group of people on the back of a group of people.

Welfare was originally a matter of being based on responsibility and considering human nature and humanity. No one is a charity, and no one is lucky.

Faced with the emergence of topics such as "the enterprise’s vacation is not implemented" and "employees’ employment and pregnancy", the problem is never just one of them, solving their problems, but not just rules and regulations.What needs is to understand and understand the demands of the two parties can gradually be resolved.

Human nature is self -interest, but in social development, he is not an independent individual.Please never make that dual standard equal call person.

Source: Human Resources Research

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