I am pregnant…

She once discussed with her colleagues. She was a liberal, insisting that she did not want to get married and did not want to have children.

She said: I make money by myself, how cool, it’s okay to brush the drama, read the book, I can walk the dog and tease the cat; how troublesome to have children, to endure the pain of conceiving in OctoberSpend money, spend your mind.

I laughed at her, how can cats and dogs compare with children. When you have a child, your mentality will be different.

She asked me: What is different?

I can’t answer.I can’t convince her, I can’t tell what the true feeling of a child is.Many times I only know the weakness and strongness of parents.

On January 9, 2021, this is a special day.When I saw two red bars on the pregnancy test stick, a joy rushed to my heart, and I couldn’t restrain my excitement.

Suddenly there was a little guy in the stomach, and he had a lot of careful walking. A person who had been careless before immediately became a lot lady.

I will still touch my belly inadvertently, there is a little guy in it, hee hee!

Suddenly there were one or two bred apps on the phone.Before eating, check if you can eat it, do you need to avoid?

Instructed my husband to come, it was not ambiguous at all. I wanted to eat fish. I wanted to eat chicken and the baby was hungry.

I think it’s okay:

Is it male or female treasure?

Will it be twins?(My husband has always been thinking about the dragon and phoenix, hahaha!)

Will it be more like a father or a mother?

What is the name in the future?

After experiencing joy, it is the confusion of being a "novice mother". What should I do next?

Do I need to go to the hospital to do it?

Which hospital is good?

How to choose a subsequent checkup hospital?

Check the gynecology or obstetrics for the first time?

What should I pay attention to during pregnancy?

A series of questions made me caught off guard. Check online, a question, n answers!

He hesitated to make an appointment on the Internet.

The first time I went to the hospital for examination was a wave of twists and turns.The third time was tossing for the third time.Next time I will share with you one by one.

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