I am seven months pregnant, my husband takes drugs in the hotel

Original title: "I have been pregnant for seven months, my husband takes drugs in the hotel"

"Hey, 110? Some people take drugs at the" Yuhao "hotel, come and catch him!"

At 8 o’clock on November 1, the Changhua Police Station of the Lin’an Public Security Bureau received a report from a woman and said that someone took drugs at the "Yuhao" hotel.Dong Zhihui, a police officer on duty, immediately launched an investigation, but there was no "Yuhao" hotel in the jurisdiction. Is it new?Dong Zhihui led the team to every corner of the area and did not find this hotel.

At 9 o’clock, Dong Zhihui finally called the alarm call. "I just called the police just now, but it was a dream!" The other party’s answer made Dong Zhihui feel that there was something strange, and he immediately rushed to the alarm.

"Who reported someone to take drugs just now?"

"It’s her, my wife hit." The man pointed at a pregnant woman in a blue coat next to him.

"What’s the matter?"

"My husband often does not go home, and I feel uncomfortable. I called the police that my husband took drugs in the hotel. I want to vent …"

It is understood that the women’s surname Huang is now 7 months pregnant. Due to the nature of his working nature, he often does not go home at night.drug.The man said helplessly: "I went home from work in the early morning and rushed to work early the next morning. She is now pregnant and sleepy. I worry about affecting her rest. I went to the hotel near home to rest, and she reported my drug abuse!"

Subsequently, Dong Zhihui came to the "Yu Hao" hotel that Huang Moumou said. After inspection, there was no trace of drug abuse at the scene.

"The important thing between husband and wife is trusting and understanding each other. You must be considerate and careless for your wife’s pregnancy. You also need to understand that your husband is not easy to work abroad. You need to communicate more in the event of an incident."

"I’m really sorry, I’m wrong, and it is troublesome to you." In the face of the police, Huang lowered his head silently.

Due to the suspicion of the police, Huang was punished by the Lin’an police for 5 days (not executed) for 5 days (not executed) and fined a fine of 500 yuan.

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Source: Ping An Lin’an

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