I am studying in college, my boyfriend is not good for me after accidental pregnancy. Should I tell his parents?

This question is really funny. My boyfriend is not good for you. Do you tell him his parents?Do you think about it yourself, is it useful?

Let’s imagine that it is estimated that his parents once said to you casually. If my boyfriend is not good for you, you come to tell us that we come to clean up him, right?

Can you take it seriously like this?What about IQ?It’s not easy to be admitted to college. You can take this kind of words seriously. You just go home and tell your parents that you can’t tell your boyfriend’s parents!

Think about it, if anyone says that your son or your family is not good, what will you think in your heart?Even if you cope with others on the surface, I guess I can’t wait to hit people back!

My boyfriend is not good for you. If you can’t decide whether to break up by yourself, you have to ask your elders at home, your relatives and friendsBar?

Because only they will stand on your position and give you suggestions!

Therefore, what you should tell your parents, ask them what to do like this situation, instead of telling the parents of a boyfriend who does not have a dime with you.

Think about it in other places. If you are the parents of your boyfriend, all your positions and persuasion will definitely stand on your boyfriend’s position to persuade you?

Do you still think that your boyfriend’s parents will think for you and make your boyfriend be good to you?Why is it so naive and ridiculous?

Even if your boyfriend’s parents say that the boyfriend is not good in front of you, it must be for the children in your belly. As for how they communicate with the boyfriend in their backs, you will definitely not want to know.

For example, those who lack children at home will definitely say that hanging her now, let her give birth to the child first, and then what to do with you!

It doesn’t matter if you go to a young and beautiful girl to get married again!Anyway, she doesn’t love herself. She has to stick it. She has to give you a child before she gets married. She also wants to marry you.

What you should do now is not complaining that your boyfriend is not good for you, but to tell your parents quickly and see what they have.

If you do n’t want to worry about your family, you can also go to the hospital to kill your children. Do n’t hesitate. Since your boyfriend is not good to you, it means that people do n’t want this child at all, and even do n’t even want to marry you at all.

Don’t think that if you have children, you should get married logically to form a family, which is the situation of a responsible man.

However, obviously your boyfriend does not belong to this kind of responsible man.People just want to slap with you, and don’t think about marrying you. At least now he has no plans to get married!

And you are still a college student. Even if you do n’t even have a graduation certificate, you will be pregnant and have children. Do you believe that you will be the lowest -level pity in society in the future?

Even if you get married with your boyfriend in the end, there will be no good days, because people are still bad at you at the stage of friends. Do you expect that he will treat you in the future and be good for your children?Sober, don’t dream during the day, not to wake up pretending to be useless, because fantasy is impossible to achieve dripping.

It is recommended that you hurry up and get rid of your child, don’t entangle with this boyfriend.Of course, he can ask him to ask for children and physical damage and mental loss.

Then, set up the thoughts of self -reliance, self -reliance, studying carefully, and obtaining diplomas and graduation certificates as soon as possible.

After graduating, work hard to study and work, strive to earn a lot of money, and spend your own life.

As for getting married and having children, or falling in love, it is the icing on the cake.Fortunately, it doesn’t matter if there is nothing, the fate is forced to force it!

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