I ate angelica during pregnancy, scared my courage!During pregnancy, have you met a moment of surprise and no dangerous moment

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Pregnancy is like a monster clearance, you must pass it.A little wind blowing in the pregnant belly during pregnancy will closely affect the heart of the pregnant mother.

I am afraid of abortion in the first three months of pregnancy, I am afraid of deformity in the middle period, and I am afraid of premature birth in the last three months. The expectant mothers are worried about the baby’s safety every day during pregnancy.

But sometimes it ’s a small accident to prevent it, but the baby is not as fragile as the pregnant mothers imagine, and often scare the expectant mothers to hide in the belly and laugh?

Because my nature of work is finance, and work is relatively easy, I have always insisted on going to work until 15 days before the due date.During the work, lunch has been resolved in the company’s cafeteria.

I believe that most people know that they cannot eat angelica during pregnancy.Angelica has a strong blood circulation effect, which can cause the uterine smooth muscle contraction, and may cause abortion in severe cases.

The company has the benefits of meals on holidays. I usually like to eat seafood, and I let go of it during pregnancy.On New Year’s Day, it was delicious and drinking a large table. I didn’t pay attention to greedy. I drank a bowl of fish soup. As a result, I found that I found that Angelica was added.

Um, throw off the chopsticks and quickly go home.You can only wait when you go home, and pray not to happen.It still feels fresh now.

For more than 3 years of pregnancy, it is difficult to get pregnant. If an accident occurs, the consequences dare not imagine …

Fortunately, it’s just a false shock!Now the child is almost 4 years old, healthy and happy!

★ Ⅰ Ⅰ

I have a lot of heart during pregnancy. Not only does it not be avoided, but I also have a variety of play in addition to tobacco and alcohol. It is simply a normal person.At 39 weeks, I ate at my maid’s house, stood up to dinner, and fell to the floor without sitting on the floor.

At that time, it was okay. When I got out of the car home, my legs were lifted in the air, and I couldn’t let it go. I was particularly sore under my buttocks. Finally, I supported my stomach to return home.I was so scared of my heart. I wanted to lie down, I still stunned my legs, and finally went to the hospital.

I listened to the fetal heart, internal examination, and color Doppler ultrasound in the hospital. Fortunately, there was no injury to the fetus.The doctor suggested that you go home to rest or be hospitalized for a day. The couple are not assured and decide to be hospitalized.

I was not discharged the next day, but I lay at home for four or five days, and my legs did not hurt.

At 41 weeks, there was no sign of birth, and finally chose a good day for caesarean section.

★ Ⅱ

In the morning of 17w+2 pregnancy, I need to find a leader to sign the work. I wore hair shoes and climbed from the second floor of the office to the third floor. I couldn’t think of slipping on the stairs.At that time, I saw the buttocks on the ground, worried about falling to the baby, and hurriedly shifted the center of gravity to the left foot.

As a result, the buttocks were fine, but the left foot was tough and bleeding.Fortunately, no medication was needed, he took plaster at the hospital and went home and lay down.The next day just happened to be inspected, and I learned that the baby was normal before letting go of the hanging heart.

When I was working normally in the early pregnancy, I suddenly went to the hospital to protect the fetus. In addition, the department leader was frightened and approved a monthly vacation.

★ Ⅲ

When I was 30 weeks after dinner, I planned to go out for a walk.As a result, a piece of watermelon peel was stepped at the door of the house, slipped down, and sat on the ground with a buttocks, scared on the spot.

After returning home, the baby has not moved much, and he was scared to fly away. He hurried to take a taxi to the hospital for an emergency consultation.

After doing a B -ultrasound, it was okay, and there was no bleeding.

Since then, I have become particularly nervous every time I go out.

★ ⅳ

When I was 3 months pregnant, I returned to my hometown in the New Year and transferred from Nanjing.It looked like a taxi that had just taken up to Nanjing for 5 minutes. The vehicle collided with a small truck driving horizontally and a car accident occurred.

The small truck was knocked over, the head of the small truck also broke, and a lot of blood flowed.The front lid of the taxi was flattened, and the door was deformed. Except for me, I had to varying degrees of injuries.

I took the co -pilot. I usually didn’t have the habit of fastening the seat belt. After I got in the car, the LG ghost reminded me to be a seat belt. Another girl who had carried out the car said that the motion sickness wanted to change the front row with me, and I didn’t agree.

Since then, I have been in a sense of security.

★ ★ ⅴ

When I was pregnant for 28 weeks, I always had a good intention. I was not assured that I went to the hospital for examination.

The doctor said that the baby might be premature and may not be kept.It is to be able to guarantee health, normal IQ, etc., and require hospitalization to observe.

I was scared to cry at the time, and later lived in the hospital for a week.

In the end, the baby not only did not have a premature birth, but also was born 11 days after it was pushed. It is now more than three months. He is healthy and cute.

★ ★ ⅵ

In the early days of pregnancy, I took blood to check the progesterone was very low. It was not good to double it. I ran 3 hospitals, took 3 blood, and did 2 B -ultrasound. The obstetrician diagnosed 80%of the ectopic pregnancy.

I asked the doctor to prescribe the fetal medicine for me, and she refused to let me go to the obstetrics to do surgery. At that time, it really collapsed.

A week later, a higher -level hospital was changed for a birth check.

There is no danger during pregnancy, it is unfortunate!

Pregnancy is a big deal. The whole pregnancy is 40 weeks. As a expectant mother, protecting the pregnant belly is equivalent to protecting children and herself. Pregnant mothers are unsatisfactory!

Wish: All Baoma can go smoothly during pregnancy!

And you?Is there a similar thrilling moment during pregnancy?Welcome everyone to share!”””

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