I came from my countryside, and my wife could not get pregnant because of an accident. In order to have a son, I spent nearly 100,000 years in 3 years

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My name is Zeng Xianming@我 我 我. Thirty years ago, I took the initiative to give up reading after graduating from junior high school. I was almost expelled from my parents.In order to do what I like, I earn the first money to start a business and persist to this day.

Today, 46 -year -old is no longer young.I often forget my age, and feel that I still love this world and love what I do like the young man 30 years ago.

(I and I have a geese)

In 1977, I was born in Shijiao Town, Qingcheng District, Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province. There are five people in my family. I am the eldest son of the family, and my brother and sister.

Rural Guangdong in the 1970s is as poor as elsewhere.At that time, my family’s conditions were not good, but my parents worked hard and planted some chickens and geese while planting grounds. They changed some income for our sisters to read.

From an early age, I helped look at the chicks and goose at home, watching them grow up a little bit, selling a large number of big ones, and buying a small number of small ones.

Over time, I know the habits of chicks and goose very well, and I also think that raising them is a very interesting thing.Although they are just part of the end of the food chain, they are also smart and naughty.

(Qingyuan Bus Station when I was a kid)

Every time I get out of school, I can’t wait to run into them, feed them, and see them.

In 1993, I graduated from junior high school.Because of the average academic performance, no matter what, I don’t want to go to study anymore.

Parents were very angry. They wanted me to study for talents, but I insisted on dropping out of school and going home to raise geese.The angry father warned me: "Go out to work if you don’t go to school. Don’t think about staying at home, there is no place at home!"

My father ignored me, and broke my living expenses.The breeding industry is the hardest and backward in the countryside. My father does not want me to suffer anymore, but at the age of 16, I don’t understand.

(Previous, hometown city square)

I have no text, and I don’t want to go out to work, and my father refuses to let me help.I had to find a way to make money by myself, and to raise goose.

At that time, there was a bird called "He Hua Qi" in my hometown. In the 1980s, it was once flooded.Every year from August to the end of September of the lunar calendar, the large group of Hehua bruscas comes over to find food, and the villagers hate very much.

In Foshan, He Huaque is respected as "ginseng in heaven".In 1992, Foshan also held the first "Hehua Swan Food Festival", which is the number one signboard at the Food Festival.

(The once -overwhelmed Hehua Que)

At that time, there were many restaurants in the city purchased in the countryside.When the market is good, I can only sell 30 yuan, so I catch birds to sell money.Because of being young, energetic, and flexible, I soon became a master of catching birds.After a year, I quietly saved 10,000 yuan.

With these 10,000 yuan, I happily announced to my parents that I have started funds and have to raise goose myself.

When my parents saw me so persistent, I finally accepted the fact that I no longer read.I rented a small venue, bought more than 200 small goose seedlings, as well as feed, and sold them after raising them.

(I have more than 20 days of goose seedlings)

After a year or two, because of the small breeding scale, I made little money.When my uncle saw me so insisted and loved, I took out the money to help me.He gave me a funds and asked me to buy 3,000 geese. After selling it, it was divided into about two or three thousand yuan each time.

By 1998, the market was getting better, and the scale of father’s breeding had reached more than 3,000.In addition, he also contracted the fish pond.On the one hand, he couldn’t be busy; on the other hand, his father and son were father and son after all. He also looked at it in the past years, and finally let me do it with him.

Due to the unstable market, it is time to make money.However, since then, I have gradually mastered the market, and I have become more and more aware of the habits of goose.The geese I rarely raised were rarely sick, and they were fat and strong.

(Packaged and shipped)

In 2000, I introduced my current wife.At that time, she worked in a clothing factory in Dongguan.Because they are all rural children, they can suffer more hardships. After getting along for more than a year, we get married.

After marriage, I feel that I should be independent, and I should still rely on myself.So I started raising goose independently, and with the help of my wife, I was even more confident.

In 2001, our daughter was born.The arrival of my child makes me feel heavier.The two of us worked hard to expand the scale. By 2005, at the near Kitangling of Shijiao Town in our hometown, we had two venues, one raising goose and one chicken.

(Old sheds with more than 500 flat in Qingyuan)

That winter, I watched the goose farm at the foot of the mountain alone, and my wife and daughter guarded another chicken farm at the pond on the side of the road.At that time, in the countryside, I used firewood to cook. After dinner, I left, and my wife and daughter fell asleep in the house.Unexpectedly, a disaster happened.

Because it was dry in winter, the wind was blowing at night, and the stoves did not completely extinguish after cooking. The firewood furnace flame was dead.

Wait until his wife noticed that the house had become a fire field.After she hugged her daughter and fled from the flame, she was not saved.

(Wife is selling goose helping me)

This ruthless fire not only burned the goose shed, but my wife’s body burning area was as high as 70%.After more than 2 months of rescue in the hospital, he finally recaptured his wife’s life from the hands of death.

Fortunately, her daughter was only injured in her hand, and the wife faced high medical expenses such as skin graft surgery, as well as postoperative repair and maintenance.

This is the dark moment in my life. When I saw the pain on the bed, the wrapped wife, and the medical expenses of the medical expenses rolling every day in the hospital. I originally collapsed instantly.

(Goose sheds can be broken, life must continue)

"There is a true love in the world." Just when I was in a good exhibition, my father and fellow, and the school of my daughter, and my daughter’s school, all of which were generous and organized donations. Everyone extended a helping hand.1,000 yuan … In just a few days, I donated more than 60,000.

I borrowed more than 100,000 yuan. After more than two months of treatment, my wife finally took home.

Life suffering is one of the greatest truths in the world.But the real hero still loves life after recognizing the truth of life.

Guo Moruo said: "Phoenix is self -immolation every 500 years, and then reborn from the ashes.

After the flesh has undergone huge pain and training, we should also be reborn with a better body.

(My fish pond)

I have no choice for a debt, only self -strong.While taking care of my wife and daughter, I packed up the burned goose sheds, reorganized the fanfare again, and borrowed money to develop a goose career.

After being caught in this calamity, my father -in -law and mother -in -law distressed our family and lent us 20,000 yuan. I started from 300 goose seedlings again, step by step, repaying debts, expanding goose sheds and quantity.

At the same time, I also contracted more than 20 acres of fish ponds, raising goose while raising fish.There are more than a dozen acres of fields next to the fish pond. The original pond owner saw that I was willing to do it and encountered misfortunes. I planted me for free for the dozen acres of fields.

(Foshan fish pond)

In those three years, my wife needed to slowly recover and raise injuries. I did all the heavy physical labor alone. There was only one goal to plant fields, fish, and goose.

Finally, in 2008, in less than 3 years, I repaid all hundreds of thousands of debts, and the number of geese raised from the original 300 reached more than 3,000.

After several years of treatment and maintenance, his wife has basically recovered.But because of burns and post -treatment, it affects fertility function.After the body was raised, my wife was dedicated to having a son for me, but I couldn’t get pregnant, and we began to seek medical treatment for a long time.

(I usually drive tricycles to work)

From 2008 to 2011, we traveled to the reproductive clinics of all large hospitals in Guangzhou, and we went to two or three times a month.In those years, I still made a little money, and the flow funds on my hand were more than 100,000.

However, seeking medical treatment for medicine is very large. In order to get pregnant, we spent nearly 100,000 yuan when we see a doctor.

Finally in 2010, my wife was pregnant and gave birth to our son in 2011.

In rural areas, having a son is a great event.In order to welcome the arrival of this new life and to thank my wife, I spent hundreds of thousands of buying the first car in life. From then on, I bid farewell to the tricycle, and life is more convenient.

(The first car in my life)

It was not long before he found that his son was relatively poor. Before the age of 3, the child often caught a cold and fever, and pneumonia and bronchitis were pneumonia and bronchitis.What I was most afraid of was when I was not at home, the phone rang in the middle of the night.

In those years, my son had to be admitted to the hospital twice a year, and the Guangzhou Hospital had to go once every three or five days. You must also find a specialist director to be optimistic.In the end, the pediatric director seemed to be familiar with neighbors. It was not until the child was 3 years old.

In the past few years, most of the money earned, most of the money they made on treatment costs, tolls, and medicine costs.In 2013, bird flu in Guangdong Province, many goose fields around me were infected, and my goose was not spared.

(I take my son to the park)

At that time, I raised more than 3,000 geese. From the first day of discovery, it was treated as soon as possible, and the fifth day had died more than half.It took thousands of yuan for treatment costs, and the group still lost more than 50,000.

At the same time, the Yutang venue expired in 2013, and it is necessary to re -bid. The losses caused by the geese caused by avian influenza have not slowed down, and the children frequently were hospitalized. That year was really struggling and often felt uncomfortable.

Whenever at this time, when I remembered the age of 16, in order to adhere to the goose, my determination, gritted my teeth and persisted.

In 2014, bird flu is still popular, and veterinarians have been helping and encouraging me.At that time, I had no funds, so I had to go to a loan.Fortunately, I caught up with a wave of markets. I made all the money I lost before. The fish pond venue also invested funds again, and I got back again.


After the wife’s body recovered, the two of us took care of the goose.At that time, I almost had more than ten years of breeding experience.With a love, I constantly summarize my experience, keep up with the market, learn technology, and the survival rate and quality of goose will be further improved. I can raise more than 12 batches per year.

In a good market, I can have a surplus of 2.3 million yuan a year.Even when the market is not good, I can lose less money or not lose money.

In 2017, I re -built a house with a total of two and a half floors, with an area of more than 300 square meters.In those years, I felt that every day was a bright day, and my life was brilliant.

I did not knock me down. I finally relying on my own efforts to overwhelm my life with one hand.

(I bring my daughter and the children in the village to pull the seedlings)

In 2018, the land and fish ponds of my hometown were collected, and the government subsidized a sum of money. After that, I began to find a new breeding base.After investigation and inspection, I chose a 37 -acre fish pond in Foshan and expanded investment.In June 2021, I officially began to develop in Foshan.

Under the epidemic, the market in recent years has not been easy to do, but with years of accumulated experience and keen market perception ability, when everyone said that it is difficult, it is up.More than 300,000 yuan.

In recent years, I have begun contact and learning short videos, sharing my breeding experience, and more and more netizens have begun to pay attention and leave a message for consultation.I always know everything, saying nothing, and like an old friend to everyone.

(Explain to netizens to raise goose technology)

In the past, in the past 30 years, I have adhered to my heart and devoted my whole life to my loved career.Although I tested me again and again, I hit me into the trough of my life again and again, but I did not succumb to fate, and climbed up with my own toughness and persistence again and again.

To this day, my children have grown up healthy, and my wife is peaceful. My little family, after the rebirth of the fire, lives a well -off life and returns to tranquility and happiness.

Thank you those who have helped me, and thank you for your love.Thirty years ago, I chose to raise goose. In the next 30 years, I will spare no effort to do a good job of raising the goose.

(My child and I are in the alleys of my hometown)

Life is really suffering, but please believe it enough, only love can you resist the long years; only love can you be afraid of impermanence in the world.On both sides of life, sprinkle it at any time, bloom at any time, and cut the thorns.

I firmly believe that after walking the way, God will open the window to happiness.

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