I checked the uterine fibroids, but I have not got married. Should I do surgical treatment?

In recent years, the medical security system of society has been continuously improved.People’s awareness of medical care is also constantly improving, and more and more people will do regular regular medical examinations.After the medical examination, there are many patients who find problems.Uterine fibroids can be discovered through physical examinations, and many women are panicked when they hear tumors.In fact, as long as it is treated in a timely and appropriate treatment in the early stage of the condition, it can minimize the disease damage to the human body, as well as uterine fibroids.

Uterine fibroids are not as serious as imagined, and are a very common and benign disease.On average, every four to five women will have an uterine fibroids, and the chance of malignant lesions is also very low, less than 0.5 %.Therefore, uterine fibroids are a very common disease.Although some patients are in line with surgical indications and need surgical treatment, do not worry too much, as long as they are retracted regularly each year.

Women who have not married have uterine fibroids. Whether or not to perform surgery need to be diagnosed according to the size and location of their uterine fibroids.The specific situation can be divided into the following:

1. If it is an uterine fibroids under the mucosa, it may cause too much menstrual flow or even infertility.In this case, it is recommended that unmarried women take surgical treatment.

2. The relatively large muscle wall uterine fibroids cannot be pregnant immediately after surgery. It takes half a year or even one year to conceive, otherwise it will easily cause uterine rupture.

3. The size of the uterine fibroids that do not get married exceeds five millimeters, and it is also accompanied by some obvious symptoms. It also needs to be treated with surgery, which can be arranged before the expected fertility time.

What ages are uterine fibroids?

The occurrence of uterine fibroids has a lot to do with women’s estrogen excessive secretion. Therefore, uterine fibroids are most common in women between 25 and 50 years old.Because this is the peak of estrogen in normal women’s life, and women under the age of 25 have not yet reached the peak because of estrogen secretion, so they have a small chance of illness.In addition, women after the age of 50 are about to go menopause. Even if they have uterine fibroids, they have begun to shrink and disappear due to the sharp decline in secretion of estrogen.

All in all, most uterine fibroids will not cause harm to the body. Whether an unmarried woman with uterine fibroids needs to be diagnosed according to the size and location of their uterine fibroids.

Guide expert: Wang Liping, chief physician, obstetrics and gynecology department of Chaoyang Second Hospital.

In 15 years, he has been engaged in obstetrics and gynecology, and has rich experience in obstetrics and gynecological diseases, especially uterine fibroids, endometriosis, endometrial cancer, and gynecological tumors.

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