I do n’t know if I have taken medicine for my pregnancy. Does it affect my child?Doctor: It’s okay, it’s okay

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The child is the hope of a family, the inheritance of the life of the parents. For children, parents have paid all their efforts and built a growth harbor for their children.

In the minds of all parents, the safety of the child is always the first place, which is more important than himself and his parents. This is also a kind of nature and responsibility of parents.

However, for parents, one thing is very important. When the baby is still in the mother’s belly, it is very fragile, and everything may hurt the baby. Therefore, the mother needs to pay special attention.

However, for some pregnant women who are more nervous, it is difficult to find that you are pregnant in the early stages of pregnancy. If you do something at this time to hurt your baby, for your parents, he is very blame.

Especially when I do n’t know my pregnancy, I take medicine and I am very afraid of hurting the baby. So, will this behavior hurt the baby?

Tingting felt uncomfortable when I got up this morning. I ran to the bathroom for a while to retider and woke up the family. While my mother -in -law helped the breath, she looked at Tingting’s reaction.

After Tingting came out of the bathroom, her mother -in -law asked Tingting’s physiological period to not have come. Tingting thought about it. The physiological period was really more than three months ago.I went to the pharmacy to buy the test strip,

However, when I saw the test strip showed two bars, Tingting was not very happy, but worried. She went to the hospital in the afternoon to consult the doctor and found that I was pregnant.Ask the tears and ask the doctor: Can this child still ask?

After seeing the examination, the doctor said that there should be no major obstacles. The baby has not been completely developed. The drug should be absorbed by the mother. When the month is big, check it carefully. However, when you are pregnantThere should be nothing.

In fact, when the fertilized eggs are combined, it must be reached from the fallopian tube after 3-4 days. Only when the embryo is successful, can it develop a little?

In this process, the fertilized eggs are only dividing in simple cells, from 2 to 2, from 2 to 4, and have been split. In the early stages of pregnancy, the number of cells is increasing.

Moreover, in the early days, embryo division has the ability to self -repair from the outside world. If the repair is not well repaired, it will cause miscarriage, but if it is repaired, it means that it is not affected.

1. Different dimensions of A acid drugs

This drug treatment of acne is very effective, but it can also cause abortion, or fetal malformations, congenital defects. During pregnancy, you cannot use such drugs.

2. Liba Velin

Such drugs are a drug of antiviral, not antibiotics. If one of the husbands and wives has used such drugs, it is not recommended to get pregnant. At least half a year can plan children, because this drug can cause fetal malformations;

3. Mafeng cheeks vaccine

If women inoculate this vaccine, it is not recommended to get pregnant within 3 months, because rubella virus is likely to cause acute respiratory infectious diseases, which has a great impact on pregnant women, which may cause abortion and premature birth.It will also be accompanied by many congenital diseases.

Therefore, after having a baby, parents should pay special attention to their various behaviors and eating habits. Those bad habits or habits that are not good for the baby before must be corrected a little bit.The baby is in danger, and everyone should pay more attention to their physical changes.

If you don’t want your baby, you must take protection measures. If you want your baby, you must prohibit the above three drugs. Otherwise, for the baby, this will become a harm.

After reading this article, what do you think can hurt your baby?Have you ever had similar things in the early pregnancy?Welcome to leave a message for discussion!


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