I do n’t know that I am pregnant, I made a chest movie, my mother -in -law asked to kill, and the girl insisted on making a quarrel with tears.

On March 28, netizen "Ai Wenxuan" posted a post on a wicked network, saying that the unit’s physical examination last year had performed chest permeability. As a result, the medical examination found that he was pregnant, so he went to Wuhan Hospital’s obstetrics and gynecology department. The doctor said that he could not guarantee the baby baby baby.Is there any problem, but there is no specific record in medicine that chest transparency will definitely cause fetal malformations.The doctor’s suggestion is to protect the fetus first and check on time.

However, when the mother -in -law of "Awen" knew this, it was very excited. Several preaching, let the daughter -in -law be killed, fearing that there would be something wrong with the child.

"For the sake of this (fetal), she had noisy crying. She (mother -in -law) not only comforted me, but also said what crying; what was good for me, timid and afraid of things, not the child who was afraid of the birth of the child had problems., Affect their family. "" Ai Wenyi "said.

Fortunately, the child was very healthy, and the mother -in -law was very happy. He always said to the child, "Grandma hug", "Ai Wenxuan" thought, what qualifications do you have to be a child’s grandma?

Now that my mother -in -law is not mentioning the previous things, it is also good for their mother and son, but I can never forget it …

Netizens are also inconsistent, and a wave of netizens sympathize with "Ai Wenyi" and say that the mother -in -law is too strong:

@小: The mother -in -law is too strong, just listen to the doctor, He Bai forced his wife according to his old concept

@: My mother -in -law owed a daughter -in -law to apologize, so I have to have sincerity, otherwise anyone who is uncomfortable

@: The most needed for family care during pregnancy, not forcibly the family’s request, nor is the family persecution, it is difficult to eliminate the shadow in my heart

And the other wave blame "Ai Wenxuan" to keep his mother -in -law’s intentions:

@: Mother -in -law is also kind. The expression is not very good. If the child is affected, it is also the suffering of the family’s life.

@: During pregnancy, her husband should stand up and persuade her mother -in -law to do a good job of dredging both sides.

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