I do n’t want accidental pregnancy, how should I choose in the drug abortion & artificial abortion?

Not every pregnancy is expected. When unexpected pregnancy drops, many female friends choose to stop pregnancy after experiencing difficult choices.Or is it good for abortion?I have responded to many such questions these years. Today I will analyze the abortion and artificial abortion for you today.


Advantages: No need for surgery, less pain, less damage to women than artificial abortion and less cost.

Disadvantages: The requirements for using drug abortion are high, and the pregnancy time requires within 49 days; good health, no other comorbidities; the risk of clearing the palace, the risk of clearing the palace is greater than the abortion of the palace;-3 days later, I went to the hospital for the last medicine for a few hours.

Artificial abortion:

Advantages: The scope of applications is wide and suitable for most people; basically it can be cleaned, and the possibility of secondary surgery is small.

Disadvantages: The surgery is more traumatic for endometrium, and the pain is obvious during surgery (now there are painful abortion, which can avoid pain, but some women with basic diseases cannot use anesthesia.)

Overall: If you are healthy, you are small, you can choose a drug abortion.The rest can choose artificial abortion. If you don’t consider the cost, you can try to choose painless flow, which is relatively painful.In fact, whether it is abortion or drug abortion hurts women’s bodies.In particular, the concept of treating the flow of people is the wrong concept of sleeping as soon as possible, which increases the number of people’s flow every year.The advancement of medical technology is not a amulet that everyone wants to hurt the body. The damage of the flow of people is really great. In long -term, cervical, uterine cavity adhesion, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, abnormal menstruation, secondary infertility and so on.I can no longer be pregnant after seeing the flow of people, and IVF has been unsuccessful after 5 or 6 times; I have also seen measures that have been contraceptives, as thin as paper;If there are too many times, major bleeding during pregnancy or postpartum.Please take contraceptive measures for your own body.If you need to stop pregnancy, you must go to a regular hospital for treatment, which can avoid unnecessary harm.

The following introduces the indications, contraindications and post -abortion precautions for drug abortion and artificial abortion.


The use of meterone and macoerol alcohol to achieve the purpose of terminating early pregnancy.

1. Indications

① Within 49 days of menopause, the B -ultrasound was confirmed to be early in the palace, and she was less than 40 years old, and she voluntarily had a voluntary healthy woman.

② High -risk factors for artificial abortion, such as the tough or dysplasia of the official neck, scar uterus, multiple artificial abortion, and severe pelvic malformations, etc.; There are doubts or fear psychology of surgical abortion.


① There are taboos of mi -per ketone, such as adrenal diseases, diabetes, hematological diseases, etc.

② Taboo testing of prostaglandin drugs, such as hypertension, glaucoma, asthma, etc.

③ Taking the following drugs for a long time, such as Liping, Alien, antiepileptic drugs, antidepressants, Simiidine, prostaglandin inhibitors, and Barbich.

④ Others, such as ectopic pregnancy, pregnancy with pregnancy, pregnancy drama, etc.

3. Medicine method

(1) On the evening of the 1st, the oral rice non -fidone is 50 mg, the morning and evening of each oral rice non -non -siratone 50 mg, and on the 3rd morning oral macolytol 600 μg.

(2) Oral melthyl 25mg, 2 times a day for 3 consecutive days, orally macolytol 600 μg on the morning of the 4th.

4. Adverse reactions

① Symptoms of digestive tract: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.

② Pain in the lower abdomen: Due to the contraction of the uterine contraction of the preferring, a small number of women are accompanied by chills, itchy hands and feet, and numbness.

③ Bleeding: The vaginal bleeding time after abortion generally lasted about 2 weeks, and some were as long as 1 month.If bleeding is caused by incompetence, the palace should be performed in time.

④ Infection: Due to long bleeding time, poor sanitary conditions, premature sexual life, etc.


Surgical miscarriage uses surgical methods to terminate pregnancy, including negative pressure attraction and tie scratching.Among them, negative pressure attraction is applicable to those who are within 10 weeks of pregnancy, and clamp scraping is applicable to those who are pregnant for 10 to 14 weeks.


① Within 14 weeks of pregnancy, those who are voluntarily requested to terminate pregnancy and have no taboos.

② Those who should not continue pregnancy due to various diseases (including genetic diseases) should not continue.

2. Taboo

① Severe systemic diseases and cannot tolerate surgery.

② The acute stage of various diseases.

③ Gener inflammation.

④ Pregnancy brushing acid poisoning has not been corrected.

⑤ The body temperature of the two times before surgery was 37.5 ° C.

Precautions after abortion:

① Pay attention to its abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding.

② Keep the vulva clean and prohibit pots and sexual life within 1 month.

③ The drug abortion rests for 1 week, the negative pressure attracts 2 weeks after surgery, and the resolution is 2 to 4 weeks after scraping.

⑤ Strict contraception, re -pregnancy should be after March after abortion.

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