I do n’t want to nest at home after pregnancy. Pregnant mothers do these 2 points.

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Girlfriends have always wanted a child after they got married, but unfortunately I thought about the stomach of my girlfriend for 3 years.A few days ago, my girlfriend called and told me that she was pregnant. I had to ask me to eat together.When I was eating, my girlfriend told me, "Old Iron, my husband knows that I don’t want me to continue to work again after I am pregnant.People, I don’t want to nest at home, I will go crazy. "I know the personality of my girlfriend, making her nestle at home than to let her be tortured by the Ten Top Ten torture.I don’t know if my girlfriend can talk to her husband, but this time it depends on the creation of girlfriends …

I believe that many pregnant mothers have been troubled by this problem after pregnancy. Is it better to go to work, or do you keep your fetus at home?In fact, some pregnant mothers are really not suitable for staying at home. Sometimes the pregnant mother stays at home, but she will think wildly. There is no regular life and rest. This will not only have the effect of reassuring the fetus, but also affect the development of the fetus.If the pregnant mother can achieve the following two points during pregnancy, work outside is better than staying at home.

1. Know your body and face it easily

The pregnant mother knows that she will be a little nervous after she is pregnant. The pregnant mother must adjust her mentality and tell themselves that this is a happy and happy thing.After learning that she is pregnant, pregnant mothers should be quickly checked in regular large hospitals.If the functions and indicators of the pregnant mother’s body are very qualified, it means that the physical fitness of the pregnant mother and the fetus will be better.After adjusting her mentality, pregnant mothers can continue to work.Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, keep a relaxed and happy mood very helpful for the development of the fetus.There are more interpersonal communication outside, which is more good for the fetus than at home.

2. Choose a job that suits you

Pregnant mothers must choose a job that suits them when choosing a job.Staying up late is particularly harmful to the human body. Even a normal person cannot resist, let alone a pregnant mother.Secondly, pregnant mothers should not engage in hairdressing and nail -related work, because nail polish and hairdressing potions contain a lot of chemicals, which is very unfavorable to the fetal impact.Pregnant mothers can choose a relatively relaxed job when choosing a job, and don’t put too much pressure on yourself.In addition, pregnant mothers also need to understand their legitimate rights and interests at work, which will help the fetus in pregnant mothers and pregnant mothers.

Do you choose to stay at home when you are pregnant or go out to work?


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