I don’t know I am pregnant!The woman took a plane and had a child to the toilet.

Aviation circle news is really big!A woman abroad did not know that she was pregnant. When she took international flights, she suddenly produced in the toilet in the aircraft, which scared the staff and passengers on board.

Comprehensive foreign media news, the incident occurred in an international flight at Klm Royal Dutch Airlines.

On December 7, local time, the woman Tamara was going to Spain from Ecuador’s flight KL755 from Ecuador. She suddenly felt stomachache and hurried to the aircraft toilet on the way. Unexpectedly, she was surprised by her herself.

With the help of the staff and passengers on board, the woman gave birth to a baby boy safely.

The flight landed at 12:55 noon on December 8 at Schipol Airport, Amsterdam Airport, the Netherlands, and the new mother and baby boy were immediately taken to the hospital.

The hospital spokesman explained: "A few hours before arriving in the Netherlands, her stomach hurt, and she decided to go to the toilet. What surprised her was that after two contractions, she suddenly had a child." "The tower."Mara didn’t know she was pregnant, this was surprised by her. "

Royal Dutch Airlines said two doctors and a nurse from Austria can help accidental delivery on the plane.Royal Dutch Airlines "thank you very much" for the help of medical staff.

According to the airline, mothers and babies are "well performed well."

Tamara named her new baby, Maximiliano, because of a helpful passenger who has been with her to accompany her to help her give birth safely. Tamara later decided to use the passenger’s nameName for the son.

Although pregnant women are not common, such incidents abroad occur almost every year.

On the morning of September 5, 2022, Turkish Airline flew from an international flight from Istanbul, Turkey to Manchester, England. A pregnant woman gave birth at a high altitude, and passengers and flight attendants were successful. The plane landed urgently.

According to the aviation circle, in general, women do not allow planes to travel in China after 36 weeks of pregnancy. International travels will be carried out after 28 to 35 weeks of pregnancy, depending on the airline.

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