I don’t want children, my family is opposed, what should I do!

When you treat a woman as a fertility machine, the woman is also thinking, you are a money -making machine.

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Kobayashi, 26, was very distressed recently. She was absent -minded at work. She often went away when she was at the meeting. Her colleague reminded her that she reacted."What happened to you recently? What happened in the state?" After opening the meeting, colleagues cared about it."It’s okay, maybe I didn’t sleep well." "Then you have to go to bed early. You are traveling in these several meetings. The boss has seen it. If you don’t pay attention, be careful of your work …"

Take a deep breath and start his spirit, Kobayashi decided not to think about it.One day passed, Kobayashi went home from get off work.Husband hasn’t returned yet, alas, how can this day continue.

The incident originated two months ago. It happened to be the Dragon Boat Festival. Kobayashi and her husband went home together.Her parents also called and hit the side.Kobayashi and her husband had just got married for a year. The couple agreed to spend a few years before the two -person world, and also fastened the economic foundation. When everything was stable, they would consider whether to children.Kobayashi does not have the idea of children for the time being. She feels that her ability is still insufficient and she is not ready to be a "mother", so she has always been careful of contraception, and her husband has always supported herself, which makes her very satisfied with her current life.This time, my mother -in -law wanted to "grandson", which broke her original idea, so she told herself to the family. As a result, her mother -in -law and her mother did not agree. They thought they had been married for a year.It’s enough to play, and the child is Gu Gu’s family.Just ignore home without having children?Kobayashi couldn’t understand the words of her mother -in -law. His parents also asked if there was any unspeakable hidden, and said that after getting married, he should have a child. If there is a descendant, the family will be good.

Kobayashi was exhausted. When he went home, he complained to her husband. He did not expect that this time, the husband stood on the side, and he even persuaded himself to ask for a child. He said that he would make money outside.EssenceXiaolin was so angry that he quarreled with him.After get off work the next day, her husband did not come to pick her up. She had a meal home alone. Her husband hadn’t returned yet. When she took a shower, she was going to sleep. The husband returned. Play your mobile phones in your own.The intimate love humanoid and strangers, which makes Kobayashi pain.

For a few days, her husband didn’t mean to coax her, and she didn’t want to be soft.Obviously I haven’t figured out to have a good child. If for life at home, it is really hasty, and I am not responsible for myself to my child.Both are not children of rich families. Once there are children, they cannot do it. The children’s milk powder money, the high cost of various nutrients, what to do if the child is sick … Various problems, the most important ones, the most important onesYes, the two -person world now has plugged in "third party". The beautiful life originally imagined was suddenly broken. Is everything better?

In the evening, her husband came back late again, and did not speak coldly. The two handled their own affairs in their tacit understanding, and then fell asleep.Kobayashi had a dream. In the dream, she just got off work. Her husband came to pick her up and took her to the restaurant she had to eat. She went to watch the latest movie together. She walked over and found that her husband disappeared.People are looking for everywhere, so I can’t find it …

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