I don’t want to give birth to deformities. For 20 weeks of pregnancy, this ultrasonic examination must be done

Since the moment he found his pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s heart has never been relaxed.In order to clearly understand the development of the fetus, various, large and small pregnancy examinations have followed.But many pregnant mothers may not know that the content of each pregnancy examination is different.If you want to learn more about the condition of the fetus, the pregnant mothers need to master these pregnancy tests.

First time: Week 12

In this check -up, doctors generally create a health file for mothers, and each inspection will be recorded on it in the future.Mainly do a systematic examination of each organ of the pregnant mother’s body, weight, weight, blood pressure, heartbeat, etc.

Second time: 16 weeks

In addition to the regular physical examination and the test of the fetal state, the screening of Tang’s syndrome will also be added to avoid the baby’s congenital diseases.

Third: 20 weeks

The expectant mothers have to conduct an ultrasonic examination at 20 weeks, mainly to observe whether the appearance of the fetus is normal, and the possibility of congenital malformations such as the fetal head, waist, head, limbs, and limbs.

Fourth time: week 24

This examination is mainly to screen for gestational diabetes. Before the blood sampling, doctors generally recommend that pregnant mothers drink 50 ml of sugar water to ensure the accuracy of the examination.The blood index is in a normal state in 140.

Fifth time: 28 weeks

The main purpose of this stage is to check whether pregnant mothers carry hepatitis B virus or have already infected hepatitis B virus.28 weeks of pregnancy is a hurdle of pregnancy. Doctors need to check the baby’s fetal position and the pelvis of pregnant mothers to prepare for childbirth.

Sixth: 30 weeks

After 28 weeks of pregnancy, a examination will be performed in 2 weeks, because the abdomen of expectant mothers has been almost occupied by the uterus, and edema is prone to occur. Pregnant mothers need to pay special attention.In addition, pregnant mothers need to pay attention to changes in fetal movements at all times, and abnormalities must come to the hospital for examination in time.

Seventh time: 32 weeks

After 32 weeks, inspections do not need to be performed on an empty stomach.In addition to a regular examination, the doctor will also estimate the weight of the fetus. Once the fetus is too light, the pregnant mother will supplement nutrition. If the fetus is too heavy, the pregnant mother needs to be restrained in the diet to avoid difficulty in giving birth.

Eighth: 36 weeks

After 36 weeks, pregnant moms need to go to the hospital for examination once a week, so that doctors are always in the development of the fetus.At this time, doctors generally recommend that family members prepare what they need.

9th time: 37 weeks

By 37 weeks, pregnant mothers may face production at any time. Doctors will be recommended to choose the appropriate childbirth method according to fetal heart, fetal position, and mothers.

Tenth to Twelfth: 38 weeks to 42 weeks

After 38 weeks, the position of the fetus has been fixed, and the fetal head has fallen. At this time, the pregnant mother must be prepared for labor.

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