I drank a few more cups of college classmates. After 1 week of pregnancy test paper showed pregnancy, can the baby want it?

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Precautions for women during pregnancy: quit smoking and drinking and abstaining.

During pregnancy, in order to prevent babies from deformity, many doctors will instruct pregnant women with some precautions.In order to ensure the baby’s eugenics and eugenics, it is recommended that women quit smoking and abstain from drinking, drinking, and staying up late during pregnancy.

Xiaomin attended the party of college classmates half a month ago.In addition to the roommate of the bedroom, there are also male classmates who have played well.At the dinner table, they talked about the university’s wind and snowy moon, and they talked about a few more cups.

The next day, Xiaomin woke up and was broken, but it was not easy to think of the gathering of college students.Coincidentally, Xiaomin, who was just envious of his roommate at the dinner table, was checked with a pregnancy test paper after a week, showing that he was also pregnant.This made Xiaomin very scared. She asked the roommate and asked: "In this case, can the baby still ask?"

During the pregnancy check, doctors will warn early pregnant women to pay attention to rest and not smoke and drink.Therefore, when Xiaomin checked her pregnancy, she was afraid that she would drink a few more glasses of wine when she had a party with college classmates, which would affect the development of the fetus.

I believe that many mothers have had such questions before they don’t know that they are pregnant. So let’s hear what doctors say?

After a lot of research, it has been confirmed that women drink in early pregnancy, and even if they only drink one cup, future babies are facing the risk of "fetal wine essence score".

Some experts said that in the early or during pregnancy, the pregnant women who drink alcohol, even if there is only one cup, may cause the fetus to cause "alcohol syndrome".

1. What is "fetal wine essence score system disorder"

Fetal alcoholic spectrum disorder includes: fetal alcohol syndrome with severe tattoos, facial malformations, and growth and development disorders.

In other words, because a glass of wine during pregnancy may lead to facial malformations and affecting children’s intellectual development after birth, it may also cause more serious behavioral disorders or damage to heart function.

2. Is this danger absolute?

Some women do not know that they drink alcohol on the premise of pregnancy, so do babies must not ask?

the answer is negative.Although the problem of drinking during pregnancy, although it can cause the fetal alcohol scores, this danger is not absolute.

No 100 % data can prove that pregnant women who have drinked alcohol during pregnancy will definitely cause the baby to suffer from fetal alcohol syndrome.But this danger exists.Therefore, it is recommended that women pay attention to drinking during pregnancy.

Even if the fetal disorders cannot be caused to the fetus, it may be due to the unwavering drinking of pregnant women, which will cause fetal malformations or premature birth.

Faced with dangerous drinking, I still hope that women can pay attention.

So for women, how can we ensure that you don’t get alcohol during pregnancy?

In daily social networking, it is inevitable to use wine club friends.At the same time, it takes one time processing.It’s not that you can detect it as soon as you are pregnant.

So when I did not detect my pregnancy, how to refuse to drink to ensure the healthy development of the fetus during pregnancy?

1. Preparation period

When a woman gets married, it is necessary to abstain from drinking during pregnancy.At this time, the first to quit drinking is to prevent pregnancy, and the second is to condition the body.

Therefore, in the early stage of pregnancy, women should pay attention to their preparation work.Don’t drink at this time, don’t smoke, let alone stay up late and overeating.Pay attention to your diet.

2. menstrual period

When women have no menstrual period when menstrual periods, whether they are pregnant or late, they should not drink these days.Therefore, when women cannot judge whether they are pregnant, menstruation does not come during menstruation, and they must refuse to drink alcohol or participate in collective activities such as friends gatherings or classmates gatherings, unit dinner and other collective activities.

3. Daily care

Many women do not drink, so pay attention to drinking after marriage.Before pregnant and give birth to a baby, women should take care of themselves in daily life and refuse to drink.

So as not to cause potential dangers to the baby, and pay attention to exercise in life to maintain good health.

Due to social development, there are more and more women with successful careers. Therefore, there are more and more girls’ leisure activities at entertainment or gathering, but if you are married or prepare for children, if the husband and wife do not protect the same room, you must be surePay attention to problems such as quitting and alcohol.

So as not to drink babies during pregnancy.This is stressful for women during pregnancy, and it is also stress for her husband waiting for his wife.

A few glasses of wine that Xiaomin was happy to drink because of the reunion of classmates, causing potential danger to the baby. Although this danger is a chance, for Xiaomin, the mood of the entire pregnancy may affect the baby’s baby’s.Development and cause baby premature birth.

So I hope that women who are new or married for a few months pay attention to drinking and pay attention to good health.

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