I dreamed that a carp "Teng" jumped into my arms and suddenly woke up. Some people said that I would have a son

I don’t believe this, but I’m really pregnant.

After seven months, I finished the color Doppler doctor and told me that it was a boy.I like girls.My husband calmed me and said, "How good the boy is, it will be your patron saint in the future!"

When I went home, the elevator door was on the door, my husband stroked me to get on the elevator, just entered the door, a boy was in a conflict … Suddenly stepped into the elevator, shouting, "Mom! Hurry up!"Putting the skateboarding car as the door of the elevator, my mother pant and pressed my heart and said, "Can you slowly, I’m afraid that the elevator will pinch you, you let me save snacks!"Didn’t wait for the mother to finish, the boy just dragged the skateboard to the elevator, clicked with the elevator button with both hands, slapped, slapped, pressed from 1 to 32, the speed was fast, it was a few seconds!"Don’t press!" I didn’t wait for my mother to finish, and the elevator stopped on the second floor. The mother was busy pressing 3.4.5. The boy stepped forward and held the mother’s hand, and slammed again … Press all over again.

God and ghost are not afraid

I broke down!Pulling the husband’s hand, "Hurry up, I’m going to come down!" The husband didn’t know, so he said, "You haven’t reached the 23rd floor?" "You come down"!I dragged my husband and got off the elevator, covering my mouth and crying … "Wow … wow!"

Husband covered "I didn’t recruit you, are you what about you?" "The child was so annoying just now! When I saw him like him, I think I want to give birth to a little grandson who drilled every day., I will mix worse than that mother! I don’t want a boy, wow … wow, I haven’t saved it! "

Husband had no voice, and thought for a long time, "I have a way, let’s go home first!" "What’s the way"?We gave this child and sold it, and changed the two girls!"Soon, the child was born! The whole family cheered! After it is!

As long as the child opened his eyes for a hundred days, he saw that his arms were like wings, and his legs were like kicking the wind wheel … "Hea … kicking and kicking", kept kicking.Within one year old, you can help the wall, you will not walk, you can run away, run away when you lift your legs, hurt every day, a piece of green, a piece of purple, never cry, never say pain, and get up.continue!No matter how old, I never walk on the road, walking on the stone bar on Yazi, that is high.I never sit on the sofa and bed in the room. I often sit on the back of the sofa. The running trajectory is the back of the sofa, jumping to the window sill, jumping to the coffee table, jumping to the TV cabinet, and a row of stools, jumping around.No matter how big, you can disassemble everything, disassemble the sofa, dismantle the bed, and disassemble toys until you disassemble your scooter!bike!

I ride the fastest!Come and chase me!

When you go home from get off work, you see that most of him is in the cabinet, on the desk, the back of the sofa, and waving your hands

Stick roll around, fight!"Huh! Ha"!What you said, he can’t hear it, you can invest!Upstairs is exactly the same as the boy I saw, "Papapa … Papa", kept pressing, a few times more annoying than the little boy at that time.It took a few times to change.

Eight Rings Monkey Brother Come!

My mother often asked me: "What are you born? Is it a child?" "I don’t know what I was born. Is this I born?" I also asked myself.

Anyway, since he has him, my family is like a battlefield every day!Not to mention how much rolling!

This is my son!Do you say this is a child?

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