I finally got pregnant with premature ovarian failure

I do n’t want to sleep at this point. Think of it if it ’s not easy to come all the way.At the age of 35, the third year after marriage, I was unfortunately diagnosed with premature ovarian failure.I wrote these texts because I thought that this child would come to our world next month, and recorded the difficulty of this way.

In the past, I was influenced by my own family (divorced by parents). When I was 28 years old, I met my husband. He was tolerant to take care of me. I realized what was loved by him.I have expectations for marriage.

After marriage, my life is very happy, my husband is considerate, and my father -in -law treats me like a daughter.We are not young, and my mother -in -law has always been very concerned about what I am pregnant.There were no good news for more than half a year after the marriage. My mother -in -law was a little anxious. My aunt has always been not regular, and the amount is getting less and less, and the time is getting shorter and shorter.Then we went to check.In this investigation, the doctor said that the ovary premature aging, and the quality of the egg was not very good. At that time, AMH was only 0.8, the ovary function was low, and it was not young. It was difficult to conceive naturally. I could only try IVF to do row treatment.When I heard this news, I felt that the sky was collapsed.While taking medicine to take medicine for test tubes, I searched for the healing method of premature ovarian failure everywhere. In order to treat it with peace of mind, I quit my work.It took more than two years, failed again and again, and tried various methods. As a result, the quality of the egg was still not good.I was desperate and felt sorry for my husband.

Later, her husband gradually lost his patience, and he returned to get late every day.The mother -in -law’s complaints are becoming more and more unpleasant.Seeing his attitude, I loved me every day. I collapsed at the time. At that time, I washed my face with tears all day, and the medicine was not delicious. I insomnia all night and all the hair.I kept calling the husband who was working, looking back at this life, why God was so cruel to me.

But then I learned that his pressure was very strong at that time. The pressure he gave him, and the pressure I gave him emotions couldn’t breathe.

Gradually, I came up with the idea of divorce and didn’t want to drag my husband anymore.But I still love him very much, in the middle, fortunately my girlfriend has been encouraging me.As she comforted me, she kept asking me to keep inquiring about other ways. When I recalled it at that time, I couldn’t help crying. At that time, fortunately, there were girlfriends accompanied me and did not impulses.

Later, she could heal it with stem cells. I couldn’t believe it at that time. After all, what remedies and Chinese and western medicine have been tried in the past two years, and this cost is not cheap.My girlfriend persuaded me to try.I wanted to die as a living horse doctor, and then in July last year, I started the first treatment. I did not expect too much.Unexpectedly, in those nights, I could sleep so stable.I began to adjust my mentality, live regularly, and gradually felt that the condition of insomnia was much better. I slept deeply. The aunt changed from a pad to daily use.

I started to look forward to it, but I was afraid of the desire to end, and I didn’t dare to check the value.Until two months, I received secondary treatment, and my hands and feet began to warm up.Auntie has a long time and a lot more quantity than before.I realized that my aunt was gradually normal. When I was a year ago, I had the courage to go back to check again. The doctor said that the AMH value was 1.7, and the situation was really better. I didn’t fall asleep all night.

On March 27 this year, this day is very special for me.The aunt has never come, and it is obviously regular. Can’t it worsen?I hurried to the hospital for examination, but got a surprise news. I was pregnant for almost 5 weeks.Since my mother -in -law knows the news, I have been happy every day, and I have made me deliciously.My husband has relaxed a lot now, and he went home to lie on my stomach to chat with the little guy after work.

The doctor said that the due date was on November 20th. Her husband wanted to give the child a small gift because he was a gift given to us by heaven.

Hahaha, I do n’t know how to write so much, so finally say a word!Also, please also believe in your family, believe in your family, do not give up, keep a good mentality, you can definitely usher in a good attitude.

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