I have been abandoned by my boyfriend who has been in love for many years. His blind date in his hometown is pregnant

It took me 2 years to get out of the betrayal of her ex -boyfriend.We once loved each other so and agreed to work hard together in the provincial capital.

But where I didn’t know, he was busy with others.

The day he proposed to break up was the day when he was engaged with that girl.Why do you break up with me, because the girl is pregnant, he must give someone an explanation.

The man who accompanied me the whole youth left me in such a cruel way.

——Hean Ning (pseudonym)

The story of Zhang Xiaowei (pseudonym) and I have a thorn in my heart.When a person was hurt by love, he knew the painful taste.

Although we are in the same province, our hometown is not in the same city.

When we were in college, the two of us agreed to stay in this beautiful provincial capital.For four years in college, we accompany each other.In the first year, he asked me to take a graduate student and urged me to memorize words in the library.

At the end of the postgraduate entrance examination, I went ashore and he did not go ashore.Life seems to have seen watershed since then.

I continue to study graduate students in the provincial capital, and he devoted himself to the sea of work.Freshmen have many opportunities for school recruitment, but their salaries are not high.

Compared with the low -cost life during reading, the expenses after work have increased significantly.

I have to say that there are more opportunities to work in the provincial capital than their hometown, but the pressure is also great.Zhang Xiaowei evolved from a small white step by step to the small fritters in the workplace.

But no matter how hard the days, he still dressed up and refreshing when he came to see me.He cleaned himself up and took me to the streets and alleys, and his hands kept holding me.

When studying graduate students, Zhang Xiaowei rarely mentioned his family with me.Originally, we agreed to get engaged in graduate graduate students, but he has been supporting it.

After graduating from graduate students, he told me the idea of the family.His family likes local girls. Don’t be as tall as me, otherwise the in -laws are not easy to handle.When did the graduate degree become a discerning option for in -laws?

As he talked with me, I knew that I had never entered the eyes of the Zhang family.

Zhang Xiaowei is the only child, and the family does not want him to work in the provincial capital.It is the most comfortable to stay in my hometown than drifting outside.

In the past few years after graduation, Zhang Xiaowei did not prepare for civil servants and career compilation exams according to the intention of the family, but was busy running in the workplace.From his family’s view, Zhang Xiaowei would have returned home without me in the provincial capital.

Some parents want their children to show their wings high, and some parents want their children to stay with themselves.The only hope of the Zhang family’s parents was that he could be admitted to the preparation and stayed in his hometown steadily.

Our life has entered a new chapter with the transformation of summer and autumn.

Although his family didn’t like me, Zhang Xiaowei did not break up with me.

After graduating from graduate school, I successfully joined a company with good treatment.Zhang Xiaowei specially changed the house in the community and bought me a cute four -piece set and tableware for me in advance.

My parents never knew what I lived with him, but just urged Zhang Xiaowei to come to the house to propose.If your parents know the attitude of the Zhang family, it is estimated that I rushed over from home in the middle of the night and scolded me.My parents gave me an ultimatum, and the Zhang family would let us break up.

We were carrying our family members together, and began a sweet cohabitation life like ordinary little couples.

What I didn’t expect was that Zhang Xiaowei’s inferiority began to appear.His salary is not as good as me, and it is difficult to guarantee even a break.

Once a college classmate came to play with us, and boasted with us, we had a break from the state -owned enterprise, causing Zhang Xiaowei to envy.

In our later relationship, Zhang Xiaowei always felt that I was sorry for him.If it weren’t for me, he would have returned to the county town for preparation.Compared to the work in private companies, the work in the system is decent and stable, and he has the most longing for his most longing.

The days stumbled.I carefully maintain his self -esteem.A few months before the rent was his money, and I transferred to the landlord.

Zhang Xiaowei’s favorite hand and shoes, I saved money for him.I felt sorry for him, and let him follow me to suffer in the provincial capital.

Zhang Xiaowei always excuses for a business trip, and goes a week as soon as he goes.I considered him to work hard and took the initiative to send him a red envelope.He never refused, every time he opened a red envelope in seconds.

But what I don’t know is that Zhang Xiaowei did not have a business trip, but went home on a blind date.Zhang Jia’s parents introduced him several suitable objects, and he was busy picking the other half.

Hold the red envelope I gave, and dating happily with the blind date.I felt very disgusting later when I remembered it.

Since I graduated from my graduate student, we have been living together.

During the cold war, but soon reconciled.I plan to save money to buy a house in the provincial capital, even if it is an apartment, I finally belong to our two home.

But for more than 2 years, Zhang Xiaowei carried me on a blind date many times.

He has been running back and forth between the provincial capital and his hometown. I did not doubt his loyalty to love.

It wasn’t until he called and broke up with me. I knew that I was deceived.It turned out that Zhang Xiaowei’s blind date was pregnant, and he had to start preparing to get married.

He called me the day when he was engaged in his hometown.

When I received the phone call, I thought he and I were joking.It wasn’t until he told me seriously that the girl’s family asked him to explain to one that he could not accept the engagement.

I cried in the office that day. The leader was afraid that I had something wrong and arranged for my colleague to send me home early.

Suddenly broke up, and I was too late to say goodbye.

Zhang Xiaowei stayed in the rental house and did not take it away.He sent me on WeChat and asked me to throw everything, and since then I cut off with me.

The feelings of many years can not be against the belly of the blind date.Later, I learned that Zhang Xiaowei’s house was ready to have a wedding room and was in his town.If you choose to be with me, the family will not give economic support.

If you are with a blind date, Zhang Xiaowei can get a small garden small house without mortgage pressure.

No wonder he will be with the blind date, as long as he leaves me, why should his life be hard.Compared to his hard work, the full house given by his parents is more realistic.

The news that Zhang Xiaowei and I broke up and shocked many classmates.

When he was in school, he was so good to me.I gave me hot early in the morning and bought me milk tea and ice cream in the afternoon.

After he participated in his work, he bought me skirts and high heels at his first salary.

In the circle of friends of Zhang Xiaowei, most of them are my photos.

But the circle of friends can set up a group, maybe about my content, he blocks his family.

Many students are worthless for me.Like the coward, Zhang Xiaowei rushed back to his hometown.

I am a genuine girlfriend, but his blind date is already pregnant.

"He must be reluctant to live in a big city, and he will regret it sooner or later after marriage. Let’s wait to see it, see when his marriage is maintained." This is what the roommate comforts me. I didn’t expect it to be said by her.

After breaking up, I passed muddy.He deleted my WeChat, and I could only look at his wedding photos from other friends.

The bride laughed very beautifully. The slightly bulging abdomen made the wedding dress particularly heavy.

Zhang Xiaowei’s wedding was very lively. The photos sent in the circle of friends were full of joy.

A man who has been deeply loved for many years chose to leave me with betrayal, and I spent a long time before going out.

I changed the house, and I didn’t even ask the landlord for the rent for a few months.Those traces of living together were thrown into the trash.

My parents were always concealed by me. They thought that I and Zhang Xiaowei broke up and urged me to find a new boyfriend.

If you were not afraid of your parents, I really wanted to rush to cry in their arms.At first, my mother felt that Zhang Xiaowei was unreliable and did not take me back to see my parents for so long.

If I am willing to listen to my parents and break up with Zhang Xiaowei earlier, I will not make myself so embarrassed.

My life was in trouble because of his betrayal.I started overeating, and my body became very weak.I drank carbonated drinks crazy, and my stomach burned well.I tossed my weight from 120 pounds to more than 90 catties, and 168 cm, and I lost a lot of weight.

When I went home, my parents thought I was deliberately losing weight.My mother was so distressed that I stewed the old hen soup to drink.If my mother knows my grievances, she will definitely find a big noise.

But things have passed, and decent breakups are the best farewell to each other.

When we broke up, the college roommate would say that Zhang Xiaowei would regret it.He worked desperately in the provincial capital that year. Why didn’t he want to stay in a big city?

I used to make a shield and blocked the pressure from his home.But is he really so happy when he returns to his hometown?

Seeing Zhang Xiaowei again, it has been a long time since we broke up.I refused to drink coffee with him, and the sadness of that year was vivid.

Zhang Xiaowei asked a friend to tell me that when he divorced, he came to me.What kind of words he said, do you take me as a spare tire?

Listening to common friends said that Zhang Xiaowei’s life in his hometown was not good.He has never been at work and is busy taking various recruitment exams.But unfortunately did not even enter the interview.

Zhang Xiaowei’s parents kept their money to support their family of three. For a long time, the contradictions of her mother -in -law came.

It turned out that he had never gone to work, and it was hard to imagine what kind of pressure.It is strange to spend a penny with your parents.

I can’t imagine that his life in his hometown is like this.A 30 -year -old man who is almost 30 years old lives on his parents.His life is too much.

He even thought about asking me to be a pick -up man after divorce.Zhang Xiaowei also wanted to reunite with me, maybe there is still fantasy for me.

I hurt me so deeply, and why I still had a face back to find me.

I rejected his proposal, hoping that he would take the spirit and not to live with unrealistic fantasies.

We always shed our tears in other people’s stories.Girls, if you are not treated by your parents like my boyfriend like me, then please think about breaking up early.Don’t be like me like me.

If a man really wants to marry you, how can he keep dragging without getting married.

When facing love, girls are often rational.At that time, Zhang Xiaowei’s state was not completely put on me, and I didn’t doubt it.

In this relationship, the only thing is that there is no unmarried pregnancy.Otherwise, I don’t know what to do like his attitude.

Suggestions for all girls, don’t live with your boyfriend easily.If you do n’t talk about marriage and marry, you will live together, and only girls will be hurt.

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